Guys, this one is so good there’s no way I could keep it to myself. Seriously, the best beauty tip of all time. It’s so simple and effective, I waited a month to make sure that what was happening was actually happening before I shared because honestly, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Although all opinions are always my own, this post is not sponsored in any way. The changes in my skin, hair, waistline, stomach and digestive system have been drastic. This is the best beauty tip I’ve ever adopted. It takes no planning and can be applied right now, anywhere in the world. As always, I’m just sharing what worked for me. Everyone is different!

I’m lucky enough to know and have seen some of the most talented yogis, naturopaths, doctors and dermatologists in the world. And obviously, I like to share everything with you guys because not only is being informed essential for good living and decision making, but if I can save just one of you the time, tears, anxiety and money I’ve spent trying to get out of the proverbial tunnel for good, it’s worth it to me.

We can all agree that getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night, wearing sunscreen, MOVING your body, having a healthy diet that doesn’t contribute to acne causing/hormonal disrupting candida and reducing anxiety will ALL significantly contribute to looking and feeling your best. Right? Yeah, we know that blah blah. It’s easy enough – move your body; tranquility of the mind will follow and don’t eat garbage.

If the above beauty tips are so logical and simple, why was I always scouring the internet, getting more and more in debt by going to appointments I couldn’t afford, and turning Sephora into my own Costco of weekly samples?

I was continually searching for the best beauty tip and giving myself reason to believe that there was always another unknown cause. As long as I “needed” x, y & z to “cure” myself, this meant that I didn’t have to fully commit to the simple (read: duhhh/obvious/boring/ I GET IT) beauty tips above that my Mom cemented into my consciousness from early on.

So why did I only get to 3rd base with the above beauty tips?

Because I figured that if I was spending more money and time doing endless trial and error research on something a celeb was doing, I’d eventually end up uncovering a real diamond in the rough. I was determined to find some miraculous system/cure, as opposed to the wealth in the best beauty tips, AGE OLD beauty tips that were right in front of me all along.

It was a vicious game of follow the follower.

I was taking everything that the city of Los Angeles, advertisements, magazines, media, and “experts” were saying, literally; forgetting that in business, most try to avoid steering you toward the one thing that can never be patented: nature.

I was sleeping alright, eating pretty damn well and gyrating around the gym like a wild banshee more than most. It worked, but only just enough to continue doing it on a half-assed, obligatory level.

And just like all of the above beauty tips, the best beauty tip on the planet that I’m about to share with you is so “duhhhhh!” it’s not even funny (but it kind of is because most people don’t ever REALLY think about it).

I realized that just like with relationships, I was tying my self esteem to this never ending rat race of finding the perfect lotion, system, answer and “cure.” I avoided the simple & available methods not only because they required more dedication than my social life would allow, but because it was the  same dynamic as my relationsh*ts: I didn’t deem it valuable if I didn’t have to go into emotional debt to achieve it.

The only difference between my relationsh*ts & this never ending search for the best beauty tip/answer, was that I was going into both emotional and financial debt.

& just like my attraction to unavailable partners and friends, I deemed a drop of water from an empty well more valuable than a gallon of water from an abundant well.

So what I have been doing for the past month that has garnered more compliments than ever, restored my sanity and my belief in badassness of the basics?

What is THE BEST beauty tip on the planet?

As I’ve shared before on the blog, I had a health scare years ago which prompted me to adopt a healthy lifestyle that I’ve since always adhered to.

I’ve been gluten free for almost a decade now, I do yoga daily, move my body, limit sugar, stick to an anti-candida, anti-inflammatory diet, take digestive enzymes and make sure to meditate daily.

And as much of a difference as it has made in my life and great as all of it is, I’ve STILLL experienced some weird symptoms no matter how much dietary, emotional, physical and mental zen I’ve reached.

It’s been going on for so long, I started to think that these were just normal conditions of being.

Before I reveal the best beauty tip, here are some of the symptoms I’ve been experiencing on varying levels for as long as I can remember (even with a very healthy lifestyle):

  •  (this was the absolute worst >>) NO MATTER WHAT, I always had a protruding stomach. I was 104lbs with a stomach that at rest, looked disproportionately bloated pregnant at all times (unless I made the conscious effort to suck it in). No matter how many crunches I did, my stomach would always protrude at rest. After a while, I began to just accept it as my anatomy. It was startling how much I could suck it in and just how far I could let it out. I had zero waistline at rest. Zero.
  • A small bite of food would bloat me even more.
  • Melasma and hyper pigmentation (I have to admit, photofacial did help tremendously with tone and glow, but I had a few faint melasma patches that were still there).
  • Tiny bumps behind my upper arms on my tricep area and behind my thighs. I had a few of these zit-like bumps on my face and jaw line too.
  • Ingrown hairs (& I don’t even shave or wax! I’ve had laser everywhere. With the few hairs that do come up every now and then, I’ll shave over them and… oh hey massive ingrown).
  • No real “color” in my face without BB cream or foundation.
  • People asking if I’m tired when I’m makeup free (and have slept 9 hours the night before).
  • Hormonal breakouts and apocalyptic PMS.
  • I thankfully never dealt with this, but girlfriends of mine that have dealt with cystic BODY ACNE on their chest and backs.
  • Dandruff with an itchy scalp (which created a avalanche when I wore black).
  • Inability to concentrate intensely without breaks.
  • Fatigue (I don’t have any caffeine besides a few cups of green tea per month, so I just figured I wasn’t caffeinated up like everyone else).
  • Dry/dull facial and body skin no matter how much of the most expensive moisturizers I applied.
  • Skin that didn’t “glow” without moisturizer & makeup on.
  • I needed to take digestive enzymes with most heavy meals to combat the bloat (bloat was never combatted; the enzymes just assisted in keeping my digestive system moving along).
  • Skin always seemed like it had a red, irritated and angry undertone

About a month ago, I had a big speaking engagement and 2 days before, felt a cold coming on (along with a zit on my forehead). I was out of town and didn’t have access to immune boosting supplements, so I decided to flush out my system completely. That day, I drank 3 big (33.8 fl oz) bottles of water.

The next day, I not only felt 100% better, but my skin was glowing. I chalked it up to my period just being over and went on my way. I was so paranoid of getting sick though, I kept drinking 2-3 (33.8 fl oz) water bottles per day.

Guys – I cannot even begin to tell you the difference. I ended up coming down with the first cold I’ve had in a long time last week. I caught it from the airports and traveling, but I stuck with the water and… O em G.

The main things I noticed in just a few days were:

  • Skin glowing, “colored,” and balanced/moisturized. No more red and irritated undertone.
  • Anxiety & focus drastically improved.
  • Absolutely no bumps behind my arms and legs.
  • Pigmentation beginning to clear.
  • I thought that I had good digestion in the past, now it’s on a whole new level (sans expensive enzymes!).
  • Breakouts, GONE (even during elevated hormonal times of the month).
  • Texture & tone of my skin drastically improved.
  • Dandruff and itchy scalp GONE.
  • It takes less food for me to feel satisfied.
  • Sugar cravings have reduced.
  • Hair has become glossier due to the dandruff making a permanent exit.
  • I still use it, but don’t even need body moisturizer.
  • Absolutely no ingrown hairs.
  • Skin is supple, plumped and dewy WITHOUT products.
  • & most shockingly – I CAN’T EVEN STICK MY STOMACH OUT IF I TRIED. The bloat is GONE (even after a heavy meal… nothing!) and I have a waistline at rest. I never drank a ton of water because I was always so fearful of my already bloated stomach becoming even worse. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The skin is our single largest organ of elimination and the rate at which it will turnaround and heal is astounding.

Our bodies are about 70 percent water.

According to this website, “cleansing the skin is often not enough to prevent or heal acne. Even if topical medications are used to suppress the symptoms of acne, the acne will simply come back, sooner than later, if the underlying issues are not resolved… Acne is primarily a sign that the body chemistry is imbalanced and that the body’s detoxification system is backed up. Thus, the first place to start in healing the body from the inside out is drinking half your body weight in ounces of contaminant-free water daily. As the excessive amount of toxins leave the body through the skin, the normal pH of the skin changes. If the body is even slightly dehydrated and the pores become clogged, the imbalanced pH of the skin will allow bacteria to flourish. Drinking more water will assist the kidneys and liver to do their jobs of detoxification more efficiently.” Best beauty tip? Yesss.

I’ve always been asked by doctors if I was drinking enough water, but after the “yeah, I am,” no one ever asked me HOW MUCH water I was drinking. Maybe, 4-5 cups a day or 2 regular sized water bottles throughout the day if I was lucky.

It never occurred to me that I was majorly dehydrated.

It’s not that I haven’t been living a healthy life, I’ve been doing great. There was just always this missing puzzle piece. I wasn’t providing a healthy environment for all of the healthy decisions I was making, to thrive to their fullest potential.

Yes, my anti candida diet was effective in preventing the growth of candida, but my liver and kidneys were so overloaded because they had nothing to assist in flushing the existing candida that had stuck around and because of that, could not assimilate even the healthiest of meals properly & effectively.

The first place that an overloaded liver and kidneys will send the sh*t that they can’t assimilate to? You guessed it. The skin. This is why significantly upping your water intake is the best beauty tip out there.

I never made the connection because I never thought that water could be this healing & THIS transformative. Plus, drinking water was SO BORING to me.

Now, I can’t get enough.

I wish I would have known 10 years ago that the answer was there all along. It’s so simple. I cringe when I think of how much money and time I could have saved.

Don’t believe me? Google “drink lots of water acne,” “drink lots of water hormones,” and just SEE what comes up.

Okay so you’ll pee 2736187 times a day, but you’ll be peeing out excess hormones and toxins that cause cellulite, fatigue, breakouts and bloat. Yes PLZ.

+ of course, with anything, always engage in moderation. Don’t overdo it. Drinking too much water is dangerous. Check with your healthcare provider about how much you should be drinking (which is dependent on your height and weight). 

I’ve always felt really good, but making the conscious effort to drink A LOT more water was the missing piece and the best beauty tip I’ve ever applied.

Who’s with me? #waterparty

For those asking, I always go for Penta, due to its ultra purification and how alkaline it is (plus the bottles are BPA free!).

I start every morning now with a big bottle of Penta and then my hot lemon water.

Below are some of my absolute favorites (AKA the best beauty products in the game), that will compliment a beautifully HYDRATED canvas 🙂

Talk soon, natasha x


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Yassssss queen YAS! Love your beauty posts and am going to Whole Foods to buy some Penta tomorrow ????


I seriously never thought about my water consumption. Thank you so much Natasha ??❤️

Thanks for being one of those beautiful women that helps and uplifts and supports other women

Ps. please can you let me know where you got your top in this photo?! LOVE ? You are #goals


Joining your #waterparty ?? XOXO


Yay!!! Something so simple and cheap!
Yeahhhh – I have the exact same bloating issue!!! It’s awful!! I eat and have a food baby at the end of meal … Really great look look when you’re out and all dressed up.

I’m going to do this – and I’m actually suffering a cold right now. Let’s see how it helps.
And for conversions sake – a U.S gallon is equivalent to 3.7 litres for those using the metric system.


And thank you Natasha ?


So glad you liked it Lorel! Ugh the bloating is the WORST. Yes! Same here. Please let me know how it works for you and THANK YOU so much for the conversion!!! 🙂

Cheers to you soul sister xx


I love January Labs and Lancer too! Now I realize that I definitely need to drink more water ? I’m going to try it!

And I totally just bought that white marble swell bottle ???


Water is the bomb for sure Natasha! I use a gravity water filter that cleans up the water really well including fluoride but leaves the water/mineral structure in tact. Glad you are getting good results with this simple effective practice! ♥


I need to buy one of those! Thanks Wyatt!! 🙂


No bleeping way! If you were an MLB player uou’d be the MVP❤️On my way to drink some water which I am constantly avoiding. Thank you!


Love you thank you XOXO


Love this. I really need to start drinking more water. I think my baby bloated belly and acne would thank me ??


Mine definitely did lol! Love you thank you xx


I love this blog. You help so much with my post breakup mentality and this is the icing on the cake. I already have a healthy lifestyle but I’m thinking this is my missing piece as well. It’s perfect timing too because I start my 30 day hot yoga challenge Saturday and have dedicated October to being my most badass self ever. Thank you so much!!


Hi Julie! Thank YOU 🙂 Yes! try it and plz let me know how it goes. AMAZING that you’re doing the 30 day challenge. October is YOUR month. You’ve got this; I believe in you and am inspired. All my love to you soul sis! XOXO


Ugh Im going through the worst case of bloating these last few months.

Which digestive enzymes do you take?


Lately I’ve just been taking probiotics! xx

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