I’ve been getting asked a lot about what the best breakup songs are and what’s on my heartbreak/sucks for you/over it/f*ck you/I need to wallow in this for a while/I miss you/You’re moving on and I’m left in the dust/I’m moving on better, badder and stronger than ever, playlist (if that makes sense? Ha).

The best part about music is that there’s nothing you have to be rational, mature or even logical about. There’s nothing linear about it. Your imagination can go anywhere and it’s amazing.

Music directly effects your endorphin and energy levels. When you can’t move emotionally, as long as you start to move energetically and physically, your emotional state will follow suit. I breakout into dance parties for 1 all the time, especially in my car and the shower. If you don’t feel like dancing, listen to one of these songs at the gym and the intensity of your workout + your physical and emotional endurance will exponentially increase – win/win.

Music instantly puts your current emotional state in a rocket.

And the best part?

It can take you wherever you want to go in the universe. 

Music is so therapeutic and one of the healthiest forms of escapism. It’s this safe space that allows you to non-judgmentally feel while you’re temporarily away.

Last Saturday night in Vegas, I was literally on my last leg. Because of getting ready and then going to the fight, I hadn’t had any food in hours. After dancing for 4 hours straight in 6 inch heels with 2 broken feet at an after party (by this time, it must have been 3 or 4am), I had ZERO energy…

And ALL it took was for this song to come on as I was leaving.

Before anyone could even blink, I was back on the dance floor as if my feet weren’t throbbing, I wasn’t hungry, had just gotten 10 hours of sleep and was auditioning to be in Drake’s next video.

And just like nothing about music or dance is linear, there’s nothing linear about the soundtrack and dance of the relationship that you’re trying to get over.

There’s nothing linear about heartbreak.

With that being said, there are countless lists online delineating the best breakup songs of all time. Most are obvious.

I wanted to give you guys a list of what personally resonates with me and a lot of the time, isn’t so obvious. Some songs may not make much sense. And because it’s really all about how the songs make me feel, there’s nothing that I can really explain. You’ll just have to listen for yourself.

These are some of the songs that have gotten me through the most hopeless heartbreak. There are also some that have immersed me in such darkness and despair, I cocooned until I eventually lost fear of the light and broke open.

Each one of these songs carry significance and meaning for me.

When it comes to music, I truly love eve.ry.thing as you’ll see below.

Here are my personal favorites for every situation. The BEST breakup songs.

+ disclosure: a lot of the songs that I am linking to in this post contain the strongest, most offensive and graphic language possible. 

35 of the best breakup songs for when you just want to wallow in the pain

After you’ve had your heartbroken, crying and feeling your way through sad songs can actually be very cathartic and healing.

+ there are songs here for both men and women 

  1. Calum Scott “Dancing On My Own.” 
  2. Bruno Mars “When I Was Your Man.”
  3. James Taylor “Fire and Rain.” 
  4. Taylor Swift “White Horse.” 
  5. Ed Sheeran “Save Myself.”
  6. Rhianna feat. Justin Timberlake “Rehab.”
  7. John Mayer “Comfortable.”
  8. The Tony Rich Project “Nobody Knows.” 
  9. Taylor Swift “Last Kiss.”
  10. Ron Pope “Fireflies.”
  11. Connor Maynard covering Drake’s “Marvin’s Room.” (guy’s version)
  12. JoJo covering Drake’s “Marvin’s Room.” (girl’s version – so inappropriately good).
  13. Connor Maynard covering Drake’s “Good One’s Go.”
  14. Rhianna “Take A Bow.” 
  15. Mariah Carey feat. Bone Thugs “Breakdown.”  
  16. Miranda Lambert “More Like Her.”
  17. Taylor Swift “I Almost Do.”
  18. Tim McGraw “Everywhere.”
  19. Dean Martin “On The Street Where You Live.” 
  20. Rascal Flatts “These Days.”
  21. Kid Rock feat. Sheryl Crow “Picture.”
  22. Shawn Mendes “Like This.”
  23. Frank Sinatra “The Way You Look Tonight.”
  24. Britney Spears “Everytime.”
  25. Kid Rock “Only God Knows Why.”
  26. Nelly & Tim McGraw “Over and Over.” 
  27. Pink Floyd  “Comfortably Numb.”
  28. Adele “Hiding My Heart Away.”
  29. Brandy “Almost Doesn’t Count.” 
  30. Taylor Swift “Wildest Dreams.”
  31. Mr. Probz “Waves.”
  32. Ray Lamontagne covering Gnarls Barkley “Crazy.” 
  33. Rascal Flatts “What Hurts The Most.”
  34. Chris Brown “She Aint You.”
  35. Aaliyah “I Miss You” 

36 of the best breakup songs to go from feeling empty to empowered

  1. Taylor Swift “Look What You Made Me Do.” I feel like the hook of this song plays in my head every time I hit the “publish” button on a new blog post. So good.
  2. *If you’re trying to get over someone your age or younger: Hey Violet “Guys My Age.”
  3. Mike Jones “Back Then.”
  4. Taylor Swift. “Are You Ready For It?” The throat clear at beginning is everything.
  5. Demi Lovato “Sorry Not Sorry.” So f*cking good. Thanks for the recommendation guys!
  6. Kesha “Thinking of You.”
  7. Christina Aguilera “Fighter.”
  8. *If your ex’s name is John, this is all you really need: Taylor Swift “Dear John.”
  9. Beyoncé “Irreplaceable.”
  10. Big Sean “I Don’t F*ck With You.”
  11. JoJo “Get Out.”
  12. Drake “Energy.”
  13. Justin Bieber “Love Yourself.”
  14. Jay Z & Eminem “Renegade.”
  15. Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea “Problem.”
  16. DJ Khaled ft. Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne “I’m On One.”
  17. Drake “0-100.”
  18. Jesse McCartney “Leaving.”
  19. Miranda Lambert “Baggage Claim.”
  20. Montell Jordan “This Is How We Do It.”
  21. Drake ft. Lil Wayne “HYFR.”
  22. Ashanti & The Notorious B.I.G “Unfoolish.” 
  23. Jason Derulo “Solo.”
  24. Futuristic & Devon Terrell covering Justin Bieber’s  “Love Yourself.”/F*ck Yourself.
  25. Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Nate Dogg “The Next Episode.”
  26. Chris Brown, Drake, Kanye West & Andre 3000 “Deuces.”
  27. Kid Rock “Cocky.”
  28. Gloria Gaynor “I Will Survive.”
  29. Kilter feat. Micha Jey “Fool For You.”
  30.  Eminem “Till I Collapse.”
  31. * For all the Moms out there: Fergie “MILF Money.” So good.
  32.  William Singe “2017 Rap Medley Cover.”
  33.  Destiny’s Child “Survivor.”
  34. All-American Rejects. “Gives You Hell.”
  35. Blackstreet feat. Dr. Dre “No Diggity.”
  36. Kanye West & Jamie Foxx “Gold Digger.” Because, you’re digging for emotional gold, remember? 🙂

It was so much fun putting this ‘best breakup songs’ list together.

Now – I want to add to YOUR playlist.

I’m giving away a $50 iTunes gift card plus (!!) the new ROSE GOLD Beats by: Dre.


All you need to do is comment the name of your favorite breakup song on my most recent Instagram photo. That’s IT. No need to comment here – comment on Insta.

Personal friends of mine – feel free to enter too. The winner is always chosen by old school, fishbowl drawing/raffle ??

+ I will personally direct message the winner via Instagram on 9/13/17 at 8pm PST. Open to anyone, anywhere. Good Luck!

I’ll be back in a few days with another post. Still traveling. Longer than I expected. Back in LA soon.

Ciao Ciao

Natasha xo

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Loved this ??❤️!! Thanks Natasha ?


So good! I love #1 on the second list and #3!! Thank you for everything you do ??


Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone is an oldie but a goodie 🙂


Love that one!! Thanks A 🙂 xo


What about Eminem- Superman? That shit made me feel like a million bucks picturing me talking down to a ho (A guy in my mind)! Then, the realization that most guys tell us all that same. exact. line. “I can’t be your Superman”. Amirite??


It’s one of my favorites! I forgot to put it on there. Thanks H 🙂 xx


Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOYnrBuIMgA

Fool of me – Me’Shell Ndegeocello https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaF5_ywDDcg
I remember when you filled my heart with joy
Was I blind to the truth just there to fill the space
Cause now you have no interest in anything I have to say
And I have allowed you to make me feel dumb
What kind of fool am I that you so easily set me aside
You made a fool of me
Tell me why


Love these! Thanks so much 🙂 xx


It might be similar with I will survive song in your list,but I enjoy Hush Hush by The Pussycat Dolls too!


Yesssss ??? Thanks Farah! xo


Came across this one and OMG…THE LYRICS. It can be interpreted so many different ways but it reminds me of self-love and parenting ourselves…was a blubbering mess after this but in a GOOD way so I thought I’d share <3



Love this!! Thanks Amy 🙂 xoxo


I am so grateful I discovered this blog, it was exactly what I needed. And regarding this post – Beyonce’s Sorry is my power song!


Hi Nora! I’m so happy that the blog has helped 🙂 omg I love that song!!! XO

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