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I’ve always ended up finding the best at my worst.

Whether it was in times of heartbreak, breakups, diagnoses, catastrophes with business, school, grief, loss, or failure – Through the fog of desperation associated with those feelings and experiences also came a very bright and clear light.

That light/healing/answer came in the form of: unlikely friends, opportunities, lessons, new relationships that would have never happened if x,y & z didn’t, affirmations, life-changing decisions, and in my most recent case…

Emotional, wellness and beauty hacks that enriched my life to such an extent, I HAD TO share with you all.

In my last post, I talked about how a few weeks back, I came down with the worst case of dermatitis and eczema on my face. It was awful – red, scaly, inflamed skin patches around my eyes, nose and mouth. I had 3 television appearances, a photoshoot, clients that hired me in person and 2 speaking engagements planned for the following weeks to come. I was freaking out, inspecting my face in the magnifying mirror every second, crying, trying to bargain with the universe, putting makeup over it… Nothing worked. In fact, it made it worse.

I also had a prescription for a strong steroid creme + a 2 month course of antibiotics that I knew would get rid of it fast (I stay away from antibiotics unless absolutely necessary and I’ve never been on an antibiotic for more than 7-10 days in my life).

What I chose to do isn’t for everyone, but I decided to listen to my gut and go to a naturopath (+ do hours of obsessive research online). I didn’t feel like my condition was bad enough to go down a conventional medicinal route with possible side effects that seemed more serious than what I was currently dealing with.

Your gut is the oldest part of your soul. My gut told me that I could heal this naturally.

I didn’t understand what was wrong – I’m gluten free, eat an anti-inflammatory, organic, anti-candida diet, stay away from dairy, sugar, don’t drink

I ALSO had not been sleeping, was over-worked, over-traveled and over-exerted in every way. This was AFTER spending a few incredible weeks in the mountains working on my book completely unplugged, chaos-free and at peace. The drastic change in pace was too much for my system to catch up with, without skipping a beat.

My body LITERALLY waved a red, scaly flag right ON my face. I needed to drown out the surrounding noise and listen to what it was trying to tell me.

And to do that, I had to pause.

In the process of the hopelessness, a lot of trial and error (and intermittent mania), I met so many amazing people in support groups online, a phenomenal naturopath here in Los Angeles, and was introduced to amazing skincare products that I’m going to include in the upcoming holiday giveaway. So.much.GOOD. came out of so much crap.

Now, not only is my skin literally glowing and better than it has ever been (and that’s saying a lot because my skin was in really good shape thanks to Dr. Lancer up until my schedule sped up to an impossible level), but I found so many amazing emotional, wellness and beauty hacks that healed me from the inside out – fast. Although the dermatitis and eczema was on my skin, this wasn’t just a dermatological issue. It was an emotional and internal issue that through finally taking the time to heal, radiated the external to a point that I never thought possible.

And the results were immediate – 11 days.

Here are my 10 best emotional, wellness & beauty hacks EVER:

**+ quick disclosure: I am nowhere near/not a medical professional whatsoever. This is just what worked for ME. Please consult your doctor before trying out or ingesting ANY and ALL of these products.


1. Inversion Table. This inversion table is definitely an investment, but it’s worth EVERY penny. It’s FDA cleared, and helped me immensely with tension, mood, elongating the muscles and taking pressure off of my neck, jaw and spine. It is also said to correct spinal curvature due to tight muscles, alleviate back pain and more. My friend Dr. Diamond swears by his. If you can’t afford the inversion table, I highly recommend this acupressure mat (I put mine on my office chair and am sitting on it now as I type) and this massager. I talk about both here. Natural Calm is also a must for me everyday.

2. When Things Fall Apart. This book was given to me by a reader who has since become a dear friend. I read it instead of obsessively looking at my skin in the mirror. The only criticism I have is that it isn’t long enough – I finished it in 2 days. What an incredible read.


3. Liquid Chlorophyll. This is the liquid chlorophyll that I use. I put a few drops in my water bottle or green smoothie and I’m good to go. I only used it for 2 weeks and will continue to use it when I feel like I need a skin, immune and energy boost. According to this site, “the most amazing property of chlorophyll might be the fact that its molecular structure is almost identical to that of hemoglobin, the substance our bodies use to build and transport red blood cells. Therefore, chlorophyll can actually help do the job of hemoglobin, increasing the quantity and quality of red blood cells in your body. Amazing fact: it’s even been known to be used in hospital IVs for pain and swelling. And because of its blood health-improving qualities, it can cleanse and rejuvenate your body at a cellular level.” More info on liquid chlorophyll can be found here

4. Pau D’ Arco Tea, Grass Fed Bone Broth & Grass Fed Collagen. Guys, these are game changers. My skin immediately started to heal and GLOW after using these for a few days. I drank this tea for 10 days (Info on Pau D’ Arco can be found here. It is said to: kill candida, support the immune system, fight cancer, tumors and inflammation – which, according to my favorite health guru Chris Kresser, is what the majority of diseases, cancer and skin conditions are a symptom of). I also drank a cup of this bone broth every night for 10 days (Chris discusses bone broth here). When not drinking bone broth, I use this collagen protein (all supplements are dairy and gluten free).

5. Bee Pollen. Bee Pollen is a superfood that I’ve discussed here before. I hadn’t taken it in about 7 months and it made a difference in my skin, mood and overall health within the first 24 hours of starting back up. I took one teaspoon first thing in the morning and one at night (on an empty stomach). Instead of sprinkling it on food, I put it under my tongue and let it dissolve for a few minutes before drinking a glass of water to wash it down. It gets into your system much faster when taken under the tongue. If you haven’t taken it before, start with ONE kernel under your tongue to make sure you are not allergic. This is the brand that I used. More info on bee pollen can be found here.


Because my skin was so raw and sensitive, I resorted to all natural products. I will NEVER give up my favorite moisturizer, but these are now on permanent, solid rotation.

6. Emu Oil. After hours of research online, I kept hearing about the benefits of emu oil, so I decided to give it a try. Guys, this emu oil not only healed my dermatitis and eczema, but it improved the overall look and quality of my skin. Overnight. The consistency is unlike any oil I have ever tried (and I’ve tried them all). I’m still in shock with the results, using this everyday, and it just keeps getting better and better. Emu oil also an amazing base/primer for under foundation, isn’t too oily and is the first thing I put on my face, hands and nails after a shower (it works best right after you wash your face, after using a warm washcloth or right after coming out of the shower). I also sprayed January Labs tonic mist throughout the day, which I’ve used for years.

7. Annmarie Skincare. A reader sent me some info on this company with a trial-size a bottle of their anti-aging oil. I was so taken back by the results (I did the Emu oil in the mornings and this at night), that I contacted the company to tell them how amazing my results had been. Not only is their team incredibly kind, compassionate and helpful, but they sent my Mom and I more of their products to try after I mentioned how helpful the oil had been for my Mom in maintaining skin moisture during her cancer treatments. My Mom and I cannot get enough. We love that everything is gentle, healing, anti-inflammatory, organic and wildcrafted. My favorite products besides their anti-aging oil are the anti-aging serum and the kaolin micro exfoliant. INSANE beauty hack: Mixing a little of this highlighter (in Double Gleam. Just take a butter knife and scrape some off, put it in a cup and mix), with Annmarie’s coconut body oil. Put it on your shoulder blades, collar bone and boobs. It gives the healthiest, dewiest, SEXIEST glow for the holidays, new year and beyond.

8. Better (and way faster) than a spray tan. This is one of my favorite beauty hacks. I rarely spray tan because of the time it takes. I also never have them spray my face as it can clog pores and makes me breakout – I always just use foundation that’s a shade darker + bronzer on my face when I’m tan. And since I’m a sun avoider, I get asked a lot where I go to spray tan. 95% of the time I tan myself. Here is the recipe for the most beautiful, believable, FAST, CHEAP, streak-free and golden tan: These tan towels (I also love these). Period. The problem is, if you use the tan towels/wipes on their own, they always streak. Majorly. The hack: Use the wipes all over your body and IMMEDIATELY after, rub Jergen’s Natural Glow all over. The lotion evens out the formula from the wipes like a charm, makes the wiping process so much less stressful and blends it all into golden perfection. The whole process takes me 4-6 minutes.

9. Beauty Roller beauty hack. I’ve been using this beauty roller for 3 weeks now and am loving the results. It promotes circulation, lymphatic drainage, de-puffs and tightens the skin. My personal beauty hack: I keep it in the fridge when I’m not using it.

10. Perfume. My top 2 man-approved scents that I’ve used for years: Persian Rose by: Pacifica and Spring Flower by: Creed. Right now, I’m very into Gucci Bloom. Everyday. Not only is the scent flirty and sexy, but it lasts the entire day. I also love the packaging (the color scheme is very PMS) and their mini roller is ideal for travel.

As a thank you to all of you for your love and support, I’m doing a little giveaway before the HUGE holiday one which will be announced here on the blog 12/22.

TO ENTER: Tell me on my latest Instagram post which product you want to win (it can be ANY product mentioned the above). I’ll DM the winner at 8pm Pacific Time  on 12/19.

+ anyone, anywhere is eligible to enter good luck! 

x Natasha


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I would like to win all of the products except the better than spray tan. I’m already tan enough, lol.


🙂 lucky! xo


I’ve been warned by a doctor against the inversion table. He said it puts too much weight on the fragile neck bones and can cause problems. He told me not to get one. Everyone must judge for him/her self.


I guarantee you that most every product on this list (and on the market in general), has risks and has caused damage, adverse reactions and has side effects. This is why I wrote this disclosure at the top of the list in this post:

“**+ quick disclosure: I am nowhere near/not a medical professional whatsoever. This is just what worked for ME. Please consult your doctor before trying out or ingesting ANY of these products.”

Yes – I agree and have stated implicitly: Everyone must make the best decisions for themselves. Thank you for sharing your opinion and experience. Happy holidays!


The inversion table for my neck or the book for my soul. I’m pretty sure anything you recommend is amazing!!! 🙂 <3


🙂 xoxo


All of your wonderful suggestions make me very excited for a 2018 filled with wellness & glowy skin! I tried a meditation class which involved hanging upside down in a hammock last week. The tension immediately drained from my neck & shoulders. So when I read your post regarding an inversion table, it immediately clicked. An upside down 2018 here I come. Thanks for helping to keep us happy, well, sane, and open to new perspectives! [upside down smiley face]. <3


Ha! I love it 🙂

You are appreciated, loved, missed and adored. XX


Thanks Natasha ??


Of course! Thank you for being YOU. Love you Linda. XO


I LOVE the Nurse Jamie beauty roller. Especially how cooling it is on the skin. Good idea keeping it in the fridge – gonna try that out! Thanks for sharing your all your faves! xo


Isn’t it the best? Yes! Keep it in the fridge and thank me later 🙂 x

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