“I see a dermatologist in LA, called Dr. Harold Lancer, who is incredible. I’ve known him for years – he sorted my skin out… I used to have really problematic skin” – Victoria Beckham 

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I’ve done some major interviews and giveaways before, but I have never been as excited about an interview or a giveaway as I am right now. Not only is my dermatologist, Dr. Lancer here on PMS, but he’s answering questions about my FAVORITE PRODUCT OF ALL TIME, my OG. This is the holy grail game changer – the one product that I can’t go without and haven’t gone without using everyday, morning and night, for over 4 years.

I owe my skin to Dr. Lancer. Years ago, he was the only person who diagnosed my “acne” as an allergic reaction. Because of this, I found out that I had Celiac Disease. I completely changed my diet, lifestyle, and took all of his recommendations which are in his incredible book. My skin has kept getting better with age as a result.

Dr. Lancer is one of the most sought after skin specialists, not only here in Los Angeles but around the world. Just ask Victoria Beckham, Oprah, Beyonce, Kris Jenner, and Kim Kardashian who swear by his products and trust his approach.

What I appreciate the most about Dr. Lancer is his philosophy on skincare:

“20 years ago, I had an epiphany that became the vision for how I practice dermatology today – my focus is on restoration, not alteration. I believe that the secret to beautiful skin has nothing to do with an artfully wielded laser, an injection or cosmetic surgery. Glowing, healthy skin cannot be attributed solely to magic creams or even the gift of good genes. Genetic fortune can only take you so far. The secret to an extraordinary complexion is your commitment to caring for your skin and health.”

Dr. Lancer has made himself just as accessible to everyone as he is his clients through his book and products. In his book, Dr. Lancer not only breaks down the skincare system he created, he discusses so.many.other things that I never knew influenced skin health and aging. He also provides (this is so good), his own drugstore picks/favorite products. It’s a vast wealth of knowledge from years of practice that, if followed, will turn the state of your skin around in DAYS.

ANYWAY – if you’ve been following me and PMS through the years, you know that from day 1, I haven’t been able to stop expressing just how much his Intensive Night Treatment healed my skin, got it to a point I never thought it would be at in this lifetime, and that it’s the one product I truly can’t go without.

When I was broke a few years ago. I would go to every department store I could just to get samples of this stuff. I would get so excited when no one was at the counter and I could make my own sample (or 4). That didn’t really work or last too long, so I finally decided to save up my money and buy it.

By purchasing it, I actually ended up saving more money and I’ll tell you how. The Intensive Night Treatment serves as many things for me:

  • A makeup primer, serum, eye creme, night creme, day creme, and it even calms down hormonal acne when that flares up.
  • A little goes a VERY long way (especially if you refrigerate it).
  • I also started to notice that I was saving money on makeup – I didn’t need such heavy foundations and 3 different types of concealers for 4 different types of zits with undertones that varied in color.

This product has changed the life of my skin, regenerated my emotional body (I used to be very depressed, insecure, and avoidant because of my problematic skin), and has motivated me to meet its effectiveness half-way through a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Q&A (+ A Giveaway) With Dermatologist To The Stars, Dr. Lancer

Source: Instagram

Dr. Lancer’s staff all know how obsessed I am with this creme. I am so happy to have him here on PMS and get to ask him more about it.

A lot of “intensive treatments” moisturize the skin very well before bed and then when you wake up, your skin somehow feels drier than before. This is not the case with your Intensive Night Treatment. When I wake up, my skin feels just as moisturized (but not because I applied moisturizer, if that makes sense?), calm, nourished and rejuvenated. What makes the Intensive Night Treatment so different from the rest?

Lancer Skincare products, including the Intensive Night Treatment are layered; they feature a chemistry that involves a multi-staged release of hydrating agents. This means that the various ingredients – vitamin C, vitamin E, retinol, hyaluronic acid – release at different (though even) rates and at different times so you are getting a multi-layered delivery of the active components. The products are working harder longer, for optimal nourishing benefits.

This is particularly ideal during hours of sleep because you need more fuel for the skin to fully take advantage of the nighttime repair. A high-quality product like the Intensive Night Treatment is needed to keep up with the energy demands of the skin.

Avoid products that might rely solely on one or two active ingredients, or have a low concentration of active ingredients. Dryness can definitely result from inferior-grade product compositions.

How is your Intensive Night Treatment so moisturizing, but not heavy or greasy whatsoever? Is it okay that I use it during the day too? I personally use it as a primer under my makeup, alone on days that I don’t need to wear makeup (underneath your spf), and always before I go to bed.

Many products that claim to be hydrating, rely on grease – a greasy goo, low-quality formulation doesn’t penetrate and will just try to seal and reduce evaporation; it’s not adding anything to the skin, it’s merely attempting to reduce the rate of loss. So there is a clear difference in a product like the Intensive Night Treatment that is actually contributing to overall long-term skin health with its hydrating, moisturizing and sealant properties.

Q&A (+ A Giveaway) With Dermatologist To The Stars, Dr. Lancer

The majority of products might be heavy, greasy but they are trying to waterproof the bottom of the boat instead of adding to the structure for a long-term resolve.

It is absolutely fine to use the Intensive Night Treatment during the day as well. Some people may actually require the extra nourishing and reparative benefits. You don’t need to be asleep at nighttime to reap the therapeutic benefits of the product.

Please explain how your Intensive Night Treatment is so healing. Usually, intensive treatments don’t do well when you have active breakouts. This is the only product I can use that seems to calm down redness and inflammation without further irritating any active hormonal breakouts and even dermatitis that I get every now and then.

The Intensive Night Treatment is formulated to be universally hydrating, nourishing and soothing – delivering the good-for-you nutrients that your skin needs. So any incidence of irritation can only be reduced.

I always keep my Intensive Night Treatment in the refrigerator and apply it as you instruct in your book on my face and neck. Is it okay to keep in the fridge?

Yes, I always recommend that the Lancer Skincare products be stored in a refrigerator. You can ensure that the active ingredients are then temperature-regulated and aren’t compromised by external environmental factors.

Q&A (+ A Giveaway) With Dermatologist To The Stars, Dr. Lancer

I feel like this product is perfect for all ages and that it’s also very efficient in the sense that it’s delicate enough for around the eye area, powerful enough for the neck/jawline and extremely calming as well. I describe it as “the ultimate calming and neutralizing glow up.”  Do you consider it multi-faceted as well?

It is absolutely multi-faceted. It’s a luxurious, buttery texture and floods the skin with intense moisture but it’s still lightweight for a satisfactory application.

I recommend a small amount, worked into the hairline, applied onto the ears, behind the ears (which is part of the neck), the entire neckline, back of the neckline (the neck from the jawline backward included).

The neckline, shoulder and décolleté are one area of body armor that has treatment value, same as the face, so the night treatment is designed for the face, ears, skin behind the ears, behind the neck to the hairline all the way up to the upper shoulders and décolleté. So you have to sort of be nimble to get this all done but that’s the skin area that’s involved.

Sometimes patients will mix 50/50 with Nourish and apply them together.

I recommend mixing them in the palm of your hand as a palette and then you apply as one product to the face.

Regarding age, I suggest that people begin using the Intensive Night Treatment at 20 years.

I love that you’ve always been an advocate for restoration as opposed to alteration when it comes to skin. Your diagnosis and advice when I first saw you as a patient, all of which I also found in your book, turned my skin around in DAYS. I was able to identify the cause and how I was internally contributing to an environment that had no choice but to purge through my skin. In your opinion, what’s the biggest contributor to skin restoration so that alteration can be eliminated/delayed?

In the world of skincare at Lancer Dermatology, it is all about restoration as opposed to alteration. You want to restore what was naturally there as opposed to creating something that was never there to begin with. So there’s one thing to restore skin color, texture, tone, that you had when you were 18 or 20 years old. It’s another thing to create something that never existed entirely.

Being under the supervision of a board-certified dermatologist is key and will go a long way in lasting skin maintenance. They can guide you on an at-home program and thoughtful lifestyle choices that will delay the need for future repair.

My skin usually gets used to a certain product after a while of continued use. I’ve been using the Intensive Night Treatment every day and night for almost 4 years now and my skin is not dependent on it nor is it used to it – my skin just needs and loves it – like a nourishing meal. How is this product so complimentary as opposed to being a dependency elicitor?

A dynamic skincare program is important. If you’re using the Intensive Night Treatment as it is intended to be used, with the Lancer 3-Step Method as the base and a steady rotation of advanced treatments, this will keep the skin on its toes essentially.

How do emotions and stress affect the quality of our skin?

You can be using all of the best products without fail, eating right, exercising regularly but negative emotions and stress can challenge all of your hard work. Dryness, dullness, redness, blemishes are just some of the ways stress can show up in your complexion.

What’s the worst skincare mistake you can make?

Not being under the care of a board-certified dermatologist. Even if you’re not undergoing continuing treatment for a specific issue, it’s important to see your dermatologist for help when concerns arise, and once or twice a year to ensure overall health.

There’s a tendency to trivialize dermatology but washing your face morning and night should be considered as hygienically important as brushing your teeth, and seeing your dermatologist annually as you would your dentist.Q&A (+ A Giveaway) With Dermatologist To The Stars, Dr. Lancer

What sets your products apart from other brands?

I am fortunate enough to see people from all over the world and observe first-hand their evolving skincare demands. And from the start, the products have always been thoughtfully formulated as superior solutions to match their needs. It’s important to me that we always offer high-quality products that are going to work hard.

Before I get into the entry rules for the giveaway, I wanted to mention something very exciting for all PMS readers that I’m about to take advantage of the moment I’m done writing this post…

Dr. Lancer is giving PMS readers 15% off their first order from his website.

Orders of $150 or more will receive 5 free samples and free ground shipping (USA only regarding shipping, for the duration of June 2018 only).

Just use code “natasha” at checkout for 15% off your first order. **offer expires July 31st

Now for the GIVEAWAY!


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Anyone, anywhere can enter. Winner will be announced on Instagram and DM’d 7/9/18. Deadline to enter is by midnight, pacific standard time 7/9/18.

Good Luck! x

+ this post is in collaboration with Lancer Skincare. As always, all opinions are my own.


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Natasha, your writing has saved my life I can only imagine how effective any product is that you recommend. Dr. Lancer is INCREDIBLE! I just ordered his book and will buy the intensive treatment if I don’t win 🙂

Thank you for all you do for us! xx


Can I give you some honest feedback?
I feel like I’ve just read an entire promotion instead of a genuine article. I don’t doubt for a second that Dr. Lancer is a genius or that this is a life-changing product, but there were only three questions in this interview that didn’t relate to this $155 tiny bottle of serum. Perhaps you didn’t want to give away too much ‘free’ advice while he has a book full of info(which seems like a great read), but with all the links to this product and your included ‘discount code’ I couldn’t help but wonder how much of a portion of product sales would be returned to you. I totally get that you have to make a living, but if this were the case, a little disclaimer would be nice.
I have a lot of respect for you and how much you’ve helped myself and others, but I can’t help but get the sense that you’re promoting this high-class, high-maintenance lifestyle(“dermatologist to the stars”) and utilizing that as your profit stream. Again, I know you need to make money sonehow and you give us so much free advice, but it just feels a *tad* hypocritical when in so many articles you discuss auditioning and faking a high class lifestyle. I don’t think I’m alone in not even being able to fathom spending that much on a single product. I really appreciated some of your other articles that discussed more practical self care solutions like your morning diet that helped me discover the benefits of bee pollen, and that one you wrote about all the benefits of WATER.
Still respect you and love your site so much, just wanted to share my unease.


Hi Vanessa,

I’m sorry that you feel this way. Feel free to email me and I’ll put you directly in touch with Dr. Lancer’s team who will tell you that I did not make one penny on this. Not one. From any angle whatsoever.

If you look at all of the links within this post, not one of them has an affiliate link that pops up before you are re-directed which proves that I have not made a dime on even that end either – they all just link straight to his site.

I am getting no kickbacks whatsoever with the discount code – NONE.

Please call his office and ask for Heather – she will gladly confirm this for you. His team was kind enough to not only participate in a giveaway, but also offer a code to my readers as it is an expensive product. I thought it was such a nice gesture, so I obviously shared it. Why wouldn’t I?

Dr. Lancer does not need to pay me for anything. His clientele alone is enough of an advertisement. There is no way he would need to pay a blogger when he treats so many high profile people who express their love for his products to their hundreds of millions of followers.

I’m not that big of a deal.

Dr. Lancer does not need me or my advertisements whatsoever. I am not that ignorant to think he would ever need to pay a blogger with a clientele like his, press, and the publications he is featured in around the world whose numbers well out-do mine (such as Vogue and Harpers Bazaar).

He’s an incredible person and doctor who simply knows how much I love this particular product. Him and his team supported my desire to do a giveaway of this product (because I love sharing and giving back to this community in any way I can), and express how it has helped the condition of my skin. That’s it. You are complicating something that’s very transparent.

As far as your claims regarding a disclaimer, I have written at the bottom of this post: “This post is in collaboration with Lancer Skincare. As always, all opinions are my own.” Due to FTC Law, I have to write this statement if I have received anything for any post.

All I received were 3 jars of this product (as I pictured and posted in the post twice – that’s pretty transparent). To insinuate a lack of transparency is unfair, judgmental, and cruel.

I received: 1 jar for me and 2 for my Mother who is battling cancer and when she uses ANY other lotion besides this Lancer Intensive Treatment and Annmarie Skincare Oil, her skin literally falls off from radiation burns.

I genuinely love this product and I meant for every question to be about the product because I wanted to introduce the readers to something that’s really worked for me. I acknowledged the price point, shared my experiences, as well as provided a discount code that Dr. Lancer was kind and generous enough to share.

Sorry this did not translate as genuine to you. I hope this reply does.

I don’t know why the questions would NOT be about the product. I am not pressuring anyone and I will always share what works for me and what doesn’t – at every price point, which I have always been conscious of.

I AM ALL FOR honest feedback – whether it’s complementary or critical. This isn’t about me not appreciating your feedback because I genuinely do appreciate it.

I would have been so happy to answer if you came to the table kindly inquiring whether or not I was compensated but instead, you came assuming and highlighting a “*tad*” of hypocrisy in the one thing I can never put a price tag on – my word; my reputation.

That is not only unfair, but it’s mean-spirited to “kindly” assume instead of genuinely and kindly ASKING. There is a difference. I am not auditioning or faking anything here. This is more than you expressing your opinion. You insinuated that I lacked character (matching my words with my actions).

All I’ve ever want to do is help people in any way and share what has/has not worked for me – relationally, emotionally, product-wise, habits, practices, etc.

I would highly suggest that you unsubscribe. Not because I harbor any ill will whatsoever or think that you don’t like PMS, but to write with assumptions like these and not even give me a chance or kindly inquire before you write something that attacks my character for everyone to see (which you are aware of when commenting. It’s a public forum), is not something that I feel is kind, fair or justified. Especially given how much I express the importance of NOT being contradictory.

To say “Perhaps you didn’t want to give away too much ‘free’ advice while he has a book full of info (which seems like a great read),” is insinuating that I carrot-dangled and aimed to leave readers hanging. I would never do that. All I have done for over 3 years is provide free advice with all the love in my heart. I would never come from that angle, ever. I do not appreciate the insinuation.

I think that any reasonable, logical, empathetic person would agree.


I agree Natasha, I would have felt the same way if someone assumed things about me. If this happened to me, I would have preferred if that person emailed me privately instead of leaving a comment for the public to see.

I can empathize with her concerns but she should have reached out to you privately. Because now it’s a public matter and everyone can see it.

I would never ask or assume how someone makes their money. It’s rude.

Your intentions are good. You wanted to share with your community your opinion and I wholeheartedly agree that you were just doing it to share your opinion.

Keep it up Natasha


Natasha, I appreciate you taking the time to write that out–and everyone else for calling my comment out for “making claims”.

I don’t believe I ever CLAIMED anything. My feedback was professing what I wondered about this article, and I am very sorry that it came across as me ASSUMING anything. That was just my impression of this article, and I wanted to pass along that honest feedback to Natasha. I’ve been a fan of the blog for a while and have commented on many other posts on how much they’ve helped me, I’ve also bought a few of the items Natasha has recommended in previous post, but none of the other posts *felt* like a promotion as this one did to ME. I am very sorry for giving you my honest feedback, and it honestly hurts that your response is for me to unsubscribe. I have a lot of respect for you, and that is why I voiced my unease. I am not naive enough to think you, Natasha, want us to blindly follow what you say and not have any free will or to think critically about what we read.. You’ve taught us to go beyond validation-seeking and speak up when something is bothering us, and that’s what I did. It is good to know where you stand with the product and I am very sorry my comment was construed in such a negative way, just as this post was construed in a negative way to me.. I guess I should have messaged you directly and for that, I am sorry.
I suppose that’s the trouble with words online, they can be construed in a way we did not intend. Again, I did not ASSUME or CLAIM anything, just wanted to share my take on it and I got lanced for it. I am sorry it was something negative and false in the end.

I will not share my thoughts on any more of your posts, and this will be my last reply on here to avoid any “keyboard wars”.

I wish you all the best.


Hi Vanessa,

I understand that you may feel attacked and your inclination is to defend yourself. If I know anything from reading this blog it’s that once Natasha says her peace in a kind but straightforward way, she checks out. I’m less mature than she is so I feel the need to say this: I don’t think that you can apologize at the same time as use someone’s words against them.

I believe that Natasha helped you to stop validation-seeking, because I had the same experience. However, your comment suggests that you were unduly attacked for following her own advice. From how I read this, there’s STILL an underlying insinuation that Natasha is somehow being hypocritical. And THAT, I think, is what makes me so uncomfortable about this.

I know it probably feels jarring and hurtful to get these kinds of reactions, but your comment suggests that you are a victim who was lashed against for simply speaking your mind. I sincerely hope that is NOT how you feel. I have always believed that this blog/comment section is a safe zone for sharing some very vulnerable experiences, hopes, fears, and needs. Please understand that your comment did not fit into the realm of this kind of sincerity. It read, and frankly continues to read, as an attack on Natasha’s character. I don’t think Natasha or anyone’s message is: pipe down with your unfavorable opinion. The message is, don’t try to undermine ANYONE’S character by making those kind of offhanded insinuations, based on zero fact. No matter whether you couch them as your opinon or not. It’s not fair, especially in such a sensitive, understanding, and compassionate zone.


Hey Vanessa,
I wish I could add a photo that you could see that I bought every product that Natasha recommended in the blog and EVERY product that she recommended was so good and helped me so much. Natasha didn’t just helped me mentally, She helped me with the worst acne problem that I had.
One of the reasons that I love Natasha blog that she buy from forever 21, AE and etc clothes that look so expensive, so she get benefits from forever 21 too?!
The last thing you can say about her is that she promote him to get benefits, I know that Natasha will never recommend a product that she didn’t try for herself and helped her.
And one more last thing if you are in the blog long enough you can see Natasha doing giveaways that worth so much money, she doing a lot for her readers!


Hey Vanessa,

I don’t think your comment was very nice or fair. Without even asking or having proof, you assumed Natasha was making money off her recommendations…. that insinuates she has some personal gain from sharing tips with us. By posting comments like yours, someone who is new to the blog may be deterred from reading more of her content because they’ll have a falsified perception of her character and what she stands for. I think that’s a huge disservice because the blog is a forum centered on woman empowerment and has helped SO many of us grow and heal – but your comment does the opposite of that.

If you’ve been following the blog for a while like I have, you would known she has discussed Dr. Lancer’s product before in great detail. Look back at her March 2017 post about “That no makeup look” and her April 2016 post “My favorite products”. Pretty sure that shows her honest opinion because over two years later, she’s still talking about it. Also refutes your accusation of “promoting a high maintenance lifestyle”, particularly since she admits she was broke but would still use this stuff.

Lastly, I didn’t purchase the product discussed either, but ultimately its my choice to buy the cream or not and I’m not bothered by her sharing something with us. I actually found the article helpful because I’ve seen the cream before at Sephora… I much rather hear the opinions of the people who use or created it rather than a salesperson at a store (who I believe would be in it for the commission).

You also can’t say “I have a lot respect for you, but” and then publicly say false things about someone’s “lifestyle choices funneling into a profit stream”. You could have easily emailed or DM’ed rather than posting something so publicly. It feels like a subtle form of bullying and THAT gives ME unease.


I have to agree with Spozhmai. It was unnecessary, classless and unkind to make assumptions like this; clearly wanting the public to see it when you are right Spozhmai, she could have very easily direct messaged Natasha.

This is defamatory. You are making claims suggesting that Natasha is concealing income, all for the public to see before privately asking.

That is messing with someone’s livelihood who has been transparent and in accordance with FTC law. I would be very careful making claims like that about someone and their business on a public forum.

All she has done is build this community with love and free advice that you stated you clearly have used and benefited from.

Pretty classy and nice how you run on assumption and return that love and respect.

Love to you and your mother Tarane, Natasha. 👼🏼



I get why you posted your comment…. because most of the time on blogs it IS what you called out! But not here if you keep up with Natasha. The reaction you’re receiving here is bc Natasha has been so gracious and generous and she never promotes a product solely for her own gain. And wow she clearly explained what she received in her return for this glowing review. And it was appropriate, not over the top. Thank you Natasha, for that transparency! (It made me want to save up and buy it even more!) I hope you keep up reading PMS, Vanessa! I know sometimes we posts things and people have a reaction to it and eneryone is entitled to their own opinion. Natasha has been such a lifesaver for me!! She is as genuine as it gets online and I’m sure even moreso in person.


That’s a CLASS ACT right there. Love you Natasha and sending my good vibes, love and prayers to your Mom always.

I loved this interview. Thank you for your transparency and for sharing this with us. I will be ordering one too if I don’t win the giveaway 🙂 after I read this post, i went out and got a sample to try at Nordstrom. You are right Natasha, It’s really incredible and I know will end up saving me all the money I have spent on a different creme/serum for everything (oh that joys of aging!) 🙂 🙂


You care so much about your readers and I enjoyed this post. In fact, after reading your response (which I agree with Rachael, total class act) it made me want to try this product out even more lol. Thank you Natasha. Love you girl and you deserve to get paid for everything. You changed and saved my life. Thanks for inspiring me always. Hugs! XO


You are #goals and it inspires me to watch you on your white horse like this. I even learn from how you never react and always respond, as you say. Thanks for existing Natasha. God bless you and your Mother. I go back to her guest post at least once a week and hope that she is better soon.


I love how thoughtful your posts are. You always share with readers about your favorite products and I know for a fact we love reading them! Just look at your old posts and people demanding for your beauty advice ♥️ myself included 😍

You have so much compassion. The fact that you emphasize quality over quantity is a true testament to who you are as a person. I can tell from reading all your blog posts that you value long term rather than short term. Not just beauty products but in relationships. It’s a true reflection of your beliefs and values and you apply it in all areas of your life.

You even share with us that you were broke and got samples of this product until you saved money to get it. You’re not flaunting or advocating a high maintenance lifestyle at all. In fact, What I see you advocate for is that if I want something and know it will help me. I will WORK for it and save up. That’s what I like about you a lot. You advocate that if a person wants to change only they can do it and it’s up to them to change. Only they can do it and no one else.

I like how You’re AWARE that these products treatments are costly but guess what that’s all or if not all BEAUTY products.

I rather buy one intensive treatment from Dr Lancer than go to target and buy a dozen of drug store products (which some will work) but long term usually the high quality product will outweigh the cheap stuff for sure.

That’s just a fact. I mean it’s like going to forever 21 H&M and Zara and expecting it to last for a couple of years.
Don’t get me wrong I love their products but I know after a few months I have to keep buying because the quality isn’t as great.

So that being said i know this product is going to last long and there’s no doubt that it will work. I actually didn’t have to read this blog post to confirm that Dr lancer is a great doctor.
I’ve tried the intensive treatment myself and loved it.

But I still hope I can win the giveaway!! ♥️♥️💋☺️

Don’t worry Natasha I know what your intentions are and know that you’re not getting paid to promote this product.

I love you!!! ✨✨✨✨


Thanks Catherine 🤗👭😘 xx


I second this!! Awesome, Catherine! Natasha, you’re different in such a beautiful life-giving way. Even when I comment here, I don’t feel like a crazed “fan girl” I feel like a friend. But that’s solely because of how you set this up, the way you post, the way you connect to your readers and respond. You really have a genuine way about you that can’t be faked. We SO appreciate you sharing your beauty tips!! Thank you!


Thanks KP 😘 you’re more than a friend – you’re a soul sister 💕👭 xoxo


Hi Natasha, thanks for this, I’ve not heard of Dr Lancer, but I love that he’s a dermatologist, first saw one of those at 16!
My holy grail is sunscreen, as the Australian sun is harsh, but I’m always keen to try new products. I used to have cystic acne, and took Roaccutane for it.

My skin tends to be dry and sensitive because of it, and it’s always thirsty. Some products make skin burn when applied and causes rashes. Finding the right product really is trial and error, isn’t it? I’ve been using Dermalogica for a couple of years now, love their oils and cleansers., but I’d really like to try the lancer intensive night treatment, as I like the idea of the skin healing and being rejuvenated at night. Especially right now with the winter cold going on.

I like what you wrote about the creme being multi purpose, and a little going along way. That’s a real trademark of quality skincare. I keep my creams in the fridge too!

Thanks so much, lovely for letting me know about this investment buy. It must be very high quality if your Mom’s skin drinks it up, without reacting badly to it. Love to you both…xxx 💫❤️🌱


I’m glad you liked the post 🙂 Thanks Lorelle for your kindness, connection, understanding, compassion, and presence. We love you too 💕😘 x


Can’t wait for your next post too 😍


Love you Natasha. Thanks for always sharing your finds – at any price point. I read your previous praise of this product long before this interview with Dr. Lancer so it must stand the test of time! Will put this on the list to try!

Started up on the bone broth several months back and have been practically inhaling it ever since. Pretty sure I’ve low-key become known as Crazy Bone Broth Lady at my local grocery store 😂 But my gut and skin thank you!!



Love you too ♥️ Glad you’re loving the bone broth! xx


I’m not currently on instagram, and obviously missing out! I did sign up for your newsletter. Anything you promote, I trust that you truly believe in it and love it and it’s not just ab promotions. Thank you for that! It’s truly rare these days! And I would buy it based on your flawless skin alone…. but also look at HIS! Like whoa!! Who needs a Kardashian when your own face says it all. 😂 Thanks for this post and giveaway, Natasha!


I am entering you into the 🐠 bowl anyway. I don’t want anyone to be left out because they don’t have Instagram. XO

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