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I never knew what being a narcissist even meant until a few years ago. It was right around the time that I learned what being emotionally unavailable and having boundaries meant.

Emotional unavailability and boundaries are 2 things that I talk about a lot because once they can be identified, they will undoubtedly transform your life into an existence that is so much better, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you just how good it can be.

After going through all of your amazing comments and speaking to a group of women earlier this week, I realized that I hadn’t yet discussed what a narcissist is; how you know if you’re involved with a narcissist, how to know if you are something I like to call “a reverse narcissist,” what the difference between someone that is emotionally unavailable and someone that’s a narcissist is, etc.

HOW have we not discussed this yet? A lot of emails I get are from women that think they’re going out with a narcissist and need to know more. More is on the way…

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We are all damaged, we’re all fearful, we all want to fit in, we’re all trying to play the best we can with the hand we’ve been dealt and we are all fighting our own battles. I always say that one of my goals is to live the life I portray on Instagram. It’s not that I’m fake, my Instagram is 1000% realness and very much me, who I am and my life, but it’s a very beautiful, often Valencia and sometimes Lark filtered, slice of a cake that contains A LOT of other pieces that aren’t so pretty and pleasant.

Some are heartbreaking, some are embarrassing, some are really lonely, some are hard to look at, but all are temporary, even the good.

So (!!!) what’s your biggest problem and what’s the answer to it?

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One of the hardest most impossible things to master is acceptance and moving on from anything that didn’t go your way, let alone when your heart is broken and you’re left to pick up the pieces while being surrounded (read: sometimes purposefully surrounding yourself), with everything that further emphasizes your emptiness, grief and that he’s just plain happier without you.

Moving on and and acceptance are very much like forgiveness. I have what some people would call a very different take on forgiveness, but I do feel that just like with forgiveness, actual moving on and acceptance has to happen organically. When it does happen, you’ll realize after the fact that the work has been done and you’ll be able to feel yourself removed from the pain that you used to be so engulfed by, having a thought independent of your heartbreak and of *him,* was an impossibility.

You’re no longer shackled to your weaker, co-dependant self. You’re free.

Sounds unattainable nirvana, huh?

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