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Hi guys! As many of you have seen on my Instagram, a few weeks ago I went in to see Dr. Diamond with my soul sister, The Browgal. I don’t know if it’s something in the air, but Tonya and I had both been experiencing major anxiety and stress that has since been dealt with, but that the effects of left our skin, well… DULL.

Tonya and I are at different ages and stages in our lives, so our individual needs and concerns are slightly different, but we both agreed that we needed a pick me up. As you guys know, I’m not one to ever shy away from anything when it comes to sharing WHATEVER I come across that I feel may contribute to looking, feeling and operating at your absolute best. That’s what Post Male Syndrome is all about.

I’ve known Dr. Jason Diamond and have been a patient, going to him for TMJ treatments and minor skin treatments, for over 10 years. Beside being consistently consistent and amazing at what he does, I’ve watched Dr. Diamond’s practice go from a single office in West Hollywood, to having a penthouse office in the heart of Beverly Hills, as well as offices in Manhattan, Dubai and Moscow. His practice, the time that he spends with every patient and the level of attention, expertise, care and REALNESS is what truly sets him apart. And it has clearly reflected in his notoriety and success.

If he looks familiar, it’s because he is. Dr. Diamond was the original “Dr. 90210” on the E! Network and has been featured on countless television shows and publications. You can now catch him on the Netflix hit show, “The Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills.”

Bottom line: I’ve never seen my best friend happier and this is the first time ever for me that “the time of the month,” (where I would normally breakout into a literal beard of zits), has come and gone… with no zits. Just SMOOTH skin minus the gross hyper pigmentation. Any redness and discoloration that I had is either gone or has seriously faded to the point of #nofilter 🙂  WAIT until you see my before and after photos at the end of this post. 

Like I said: top-notch. Dr. Diamond knows all the secrets.

And I totally can confirm this because I interviewed him after Tonya’s procedure and before my IPL photo facial. Trust me guys, this is good.

I was interested to know how heartbreak, low self esteem, betrayal and grief effect the face and what can be done to prevent and/or combat those effects as far as NON-SURGICAL cosmetic procedures go.

What do you specialize in and what‘s the most common procedure that you perform? 

I specialize in facial plastic surgery. 99.9% of what I do is cosmetic .01% is reconstructive which includes car crashes, cancers and deformities. The most common procedures that I perform are rhinoplasties (nose jobs), revision rhinoplasties, facelifts, aging face surgery such as brow lifts, eye lids and fat grafting. One of my special interests is customized facial implants, which only a few doctors in the world do. The bread and butter of what I do is cosmetic surgery of the face and neck as well as non-surgical cosmetic procedures, which I’m excited to discuss with you.

I see this a lot with the Kardashians, Victoria’s Secret angels and celebrities – What exactly makes facial skin have that shiny, but in the most dewy-glowing-JLo-perfection- “light from within” look, that I go to Sephora and buy highlighter to try to emulate?

There are a lot of ways to make the skin look more healthy, dewy, glowing and glistening. There’s a combination of technologies that are of course dependent on the person’s anatomy and skin type, but the most popular is the IPL photofacial.

That’s what you’re about to do on me! What exactly is IPL photofacial? 

IPL stands for Intense Photo Light. It gives the skin an airbrushed look.

So it’s basically like Facetune or an Instagram filter, but in real life?

Exactly. That’s a good way to describe it. It’s minimally invasive and there’s little to no downtime. It’s like a laser but not technically a laser. A bright light is flashed onto the skin and that stimulates the deeper skin layers to eliminate redness, hyper pigmentation and discoloration. It also softens the skin’s texture and tone while shrinking the pores. This is the most common and popular treatment as far as getting the skin to look like you’re wearing makeup without having to. The great thing about it is that you get noticeable results and there is very little discomfort and downtime.

Are there any other non-surgical cosmetic procedures that your celebrity clients get that you can share?

I do the Dermaroller which has been termed the “Vampire” facial. Kim Kardashian went public with it. I do that all the time and the results are beautiful.

What exactly does it involve?

It’s an amazing procedure. It involves drawing your blood and then we treat your blood to take the best layers out, including the proteins, the platelets and the adult stem cells, all the best parts, and then we inject that back into the skin.

I’m having a minor heart attack. 

Not only do we inject it back into the skin, but we lay it on top of the skin and then we use a roller composed of very small needles to roll it in topically so that the superficial layers of the skin are treated as well.

Vampire Facial

(source: Instagram) 

What are the results?

It’s not only good for your skin, it’s one of the most powerful ways to make the skin look youthful, alive, fresh and have that “light from within” look that you were talking about. Next to the IPL photofacial, this is the most popular of the non-surgical cosmetic procedures as far as skin treatments go; it’s highly effective. There’s a wide variety of non-surgical cosmetic procedures that we do here at the office to treat the skin. It just depends on me assessing each individual person and their needs.

So, I just watched you perform magic on my bff and I’m still in shock. You basically created in 40 minutes for her what every makeup artist and every beauty YouTube vlogger spends countless hours trying to breakdown and perfect. You gave her face NATURAL looking CONTOURS. She doesn’t even need to contour with makeup any more!

That’s exactly right, we contour for real. The makeup contouring is such a big trend right now.

EVERYONE is contouring.

Everyone is contouring because they’re trying to create the illusion of what we create for real with this procedure. A very simplistic way to think about it is when you look at somebody’s face, you want the cheekbones to come out, the face to come in and the jaw angles to come back out. It’s beautiful, it’s modelesque, it’s sexy and this procedure accomplishes that better than anything.

Why and how did you come up with this technique?

I came up with it because there was a demand and nothing was really able to do that. The standard filler techniques can create a lift in the sense that if you blow up a beach ball, it tightens that beach ball, but it conversely blows it up. With this technique, there’s no “bloat,” no “filler” look, which I think is very aging.

And what I love about you is how against that “look,” you are.

Very much so. It just isn’t natural. Preserving youth and getting rid of wrinkles should never come at the cost of looking bloated, puffy, overfilled and prematurely aged.

I’ve never heard of anything like this before.

It’s a very popular procedure. What I do is I’m able to augment the bony structure or someone’s face. This is in contrast to the way the rest of the world does fillers, where they inject the filler under the skin, which just kind of plumps up the skin.

Tonya looks so natural. It’s like I could tell there was a difference, I just didn’t know what the EXACT difference was.

And that’s the ultimate goal you want to achieve. With facial sculpting, you’re going to get a natural look because we’re augmenting the bony structure, NOT plumping the skin. You’re going to get a strong and angular lift and this is why my facial sculpting technique is so popular.

Like Angelina Jolie…

That’s right. We create sharpness to the lateral prominences of the bone, like Angelina and Megan Fox. So instead of the beach ball look, I’m creating symmetry, balance and lift. I have people come all over the world for this particular technique because it’s so effective, so undetectably natural and so powerful. It can really turn an average face into a very contoured, modelesque looking face within a matter of minutes.

As far as iconic beauties go like Jenifer Aniston, Heidi Klum, Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Lopez, that have aged and done so with such grace, what’s the secret?

The best way to ensure aging with grace is prevention all the way. It’s tackling little problems as they come. Don’t wait. The biggest mistake I see is when people come to me and they say that they are going to wait until they’re a certain age to do something. This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because it’s these little issues that build up overtime. Cosmetic medicine is no different from any other type of medicine in the fact that the best treatment for anything is prevention. That goes for heart problems, cancers, tooth decay, sun damage… anything. The best way to treat a problem is to prevent it early on. It’s all about doing little, conservative and unnoticeable things over time. You can really prevent that dramatic aging factor and look great while aging gracefully, just like the those beautiful women.

How can people talk to you prior to coming in? What if they aren’t located in LA?

I do 3-4 Skype consultations per day with people from all over the country and the world. Anyone can call the office and also get more information on the website.

In your opinion, what are the effects of stress, heartbreak and unresolved grief on the face?

That’s a great question. This is something I see all the time. When people get deeply stressed or they go through emotional trauma, it effects their overall heath and the face is one of the first places to take a hit and show the effects. People will come in saying that they went through a hard time and that they feel like they look 10 years older. When the soul is hurting, it shows on the face.

For me, the number one thing is DULL. My face just get’s completely dull when I’m stressed, heartbroken or have gone through trauma. What’s the best way to turn the amplifier back up?

It could be some very minor facial sculpting to reclaim the contours or like with you, an IPL photofacial and/or the Vampire facial. It’s just enough to make someone feel “alive” again and once they see that reflection in the mirror, it all of a sudden kick starts them to boost their self esteem and get them back out there. I see this a lot in people who have gone through breakups and divorces. They come and look undone because emotionally, they feel undone. So, I give them back a little contour like I just did for Tonya, or I do an IPL like we’re about to do for you and it really does make a world of difference. They walk out of here beaming; I love seeing that. I also love treating patients that have gone through cancer treatment and I can’t even begin to describe how much difference this makes in giving them their power back. They come back and say “You gave me my life back, you gave me my joy back,” and for me, that’s what it’s all about.

Do you ever turn people away?

Yes. If their expectations are unrealistic. When they want to do it for themselves, that’s a great sign. If they’re doing it for someone else, whether it be to save a marriage or prevent a breakup, then it’s not a good idea. You have to want it for YOURSELF, not to attain validation or love from others.

What is the best way to prevent aging that we can all do at home?

One of the most important ways to preserve your youth is to stay out of the sun. It’s simple, it’s not a sexy answer, but it’s the truth. Wear your sunscreen every day. The sun is the most powerful aging force out there. There is no product available on the market today that’s more important than sunscreen and healthy living. Also, try to avoid big weight gains and losses to preserve the elasticity of the skin.

I’ve known you for 10 years and have seen your practice grow into the global name that it is; in a class all of it’s own. Through all of the subsequent success, fame, and your busy schedule, the one thing that has always remained intact – beside your talent, your kindness and compassion – is your marriage. You have a beautiful family; a beautiful wife and kids. What’s the key to making it work with your wife and making time for your family? How do you balance it all?


Thank you so much for saying that. It really means a lot to me. I’d say the number one thing is that I love what I do, so I’m happy. I’m happy when I go home. I’m not forcing anything here. I see it a lot where people are forcing something by feeling like they have something to prove and ultimately, they just keep contributing to their own unhappiness. I make sure to never feel forced in any way because it’s the easiest way to rob yourself of the authenticity that is uniquely yours. When I come home, everything feels natural. I’m focused on my family and I’m not trying to be something that I’m not. It’s so freeing to just be yourself. People make fun of the way I dress – I like wearing my Crocs and my scrubs and that’s me.

You have no agenda.

I have no agenda, nothing to prove because I love what I do. I love making people feel and look beautiful.

Have you always been this way?

I have. My Dad was that way. He knew who he was and he owned it. The key to it all for me is that when I come home, I’m not bringing in the burden of insecurity, unhappiness or any kind of negative baggage so I’m able to be completely present for my wife and my kids. They always come first.

What’s the sexiest thing to you on a woman as far as physicality goes?

Strong facial structure. And that’s what I truly believe is the number one thing that men are subconsciously attracted to. Facial contour, symmetry and glowing skin command attraction and attention from the opposite sex 100% PRIOR to anything else. And the reason for this is men might not even know exactly what it is their attracted to about the face, but they see it on tv and every single actress and sex symbol has these strong facial contours, every single one. We may not be able to put our finger on it, and in many ways I think that’s the best quality, something that you’re drawn to but can’t quite put your finger on.

I’ve been using your eye gel and am OBSESSED. I’ve never used an eye gel before and I’m definitely going to include one in the next giveaway on the blog along with some more surprises from you for PMS readers. What makes this eye gel that you formulated so f*cking good?

Isn’t it great? The eye gel is a combination of products that keep their effectiveness when cold. Being that it’s cold, you put it on and immediately the puffiness and dullness is gone. The delicate skin around the eye area now shows off the eye instead of dulling and dimming it.


Can we give away an eye gel & your favorite sunscreen now too?

Let’s do it!

For more information or to contact Dr. Diamond’s, check out his website here


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+ as always, do your own research before experimenting. 

As far as my IPL photo facial goes, ummm….. guys, LOOK at these results:


It didn’t hurt at all except for a few times, I could feel a minor sting. The day after the procedure, I had a lot of discoloration that came up to the surface (that I had no idea I had!), but it was nothing that some heavier makeup couldn’t cover. On the 6th day after the procedure, all of the discoloration began to slough off, revealing luminous, even and airbrushed looking skin that I didn’t think was a possibility for me in this lifetime. Thank you to Dr. Diamond and his staff (guys, his staff is amazing. So down to earth, accommodating and KIND).

If you have ANY questions about the my IPL photofacial, Tonya’s procedure or ANY questions for Dr. Diamond regarding non-surgical cosmetic procedures, comment below & I’ll make sure to answer your questions and/or have Tonya and Dr. Diamond answer them too 🙂 Let’s keep the conversation going!

Talk soon, x Natasha


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Is this similar to micro needling ?


Hi Melissa! IPL is an intense light. The Vampire facial does involve a dermaroller which is micro-needling 🙂 xoxo


Thank you and you look amazing Natasha!




AMAZING interview! I remember Dr. Diamond on the Dr. 90210 show on E! He has gotten even more handsome and really knows his stuff. How much did the IPL photo facial hurt? And how many days was your face discolored??


Natasha. What a wonderful and in-depth post. This collaboration suits your branding of PMS.. I love how you asked questions about Dr. Diamond’s specialities as well as his advice on relationships and his definition of beauty!!
I did not realize that men were subconsciously attracted to symmetry, contouring and flawless skin!

You will do great things. So many great things are coming your way!


Thanks so much soul sis! 🙂 I’m so glad you like it XOXO


So amazing!!! I’m going to make an appointment with him for an IPL!


I just posted a makeup free before and after on this post – let’s go together 🙂 Love and miss you so much!!! xx


OMG! That is an amazing before and after!!! Are you wearing makeup in the after?? It still looks amazing. WOW!


I just replaced the photo with a makeup free one! It’s on this post 🙂 XOXO


Thanks for this post! What filler does Dr. Diamond use for facial contouring and how permanent/long-lasting is the result?


Hi Tan! I asked Dr. Diamond and he said that the facial contouring lasts about a year. As far as the fillers go, call his office (his staff is amazing), and just say that you are a reader of my blog and wanted more information on facial contouring after reading the interview. They will answer all of your questions. Dr. Diamond is the best! Glad that you liked this post; more to come! 🙂 XOXO Here is the link to his site:


Oh wow what a cool interview! Enjoyed this 🙂 thanks Natasha for another great post!


Glad you liked it! 🙂 xx


Hi Natasha, is there a way to purchase his products somewhere? I am not seeing it on his site or elsewhere.


Hi! Call his office at (310) 859-9816. He just came out with an amazing new skincare line and that will be available online soon. 🙂 XOXO

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