An easy and EFFECTIVE everyday detox tea? Yes please.

I’m a tea junkie. I can’t say enough about the importance of tea and the calm it gives me. Whether it’s hot or cold, tea is basically a liquid hug that aids in digestion, eliminates toxins, clears the skin and is one of the best kept skinny secrets out there (besides this).

I down about 3-5 cups a day. I’ve been drinking tea since I was 6 years old (my Mom is Persian and tea is a big part of the culture/cuisine, so she would always make me fresh herbal tea as a kid).

I don’t drink caffeine. It gives me horrible anxiety for whatever reason, so that cuts out a lot of options. I also don’t drink teas that are dark unless I have one of these straws (I know I’m weird but trust me, it prevents stains, preserves your tooth enamel and helps keep your smile white).

I’m all about NATURALLY detoxifying, de-bloating, flushing, regulating, digesting and keeping things “moving along,” on a daily basis (both physically AND emotionally. Ha!), through my diet and staying fit.

Every morning, I start off with hot lemon water and throughout the day, I drink fresh mint tea and lots of water.

Although I’m very selective with dried teas, I do drink tea with dried teabags on occasion, but really – there’s just no comparison to fresh tea.

When it comes to flavor and quality, you always want to go fresh whenever possible. Why? Some dried tea leaves can be overly acidic (which could disrupt your pH), dehydrating (no thanks), and can taste very bitter (so you end up adding sugar that you don’t need; sugar that causes inflammation, candida overgrowth and dis-ease within your body).

With freshly brewed tea, there’s a natural sweetness – no bitter taste.

When you use fresh mint leaves to brew tea, it allows the essential oil from the leaves to release into the water (& you get so many more added benefits).

Here’s the everyday detox tea that I drink…

Get ready to say bye to indigestion, reflux, bloat and inflammation of the gut. 

Everyday Detox Tea Recipe:

+ If I’m running low on time, I’ll pack some mint leaves with me, get a Venti hot water from Starbucks (they never charge for this, so I always tip), throw the leaves in the hot water and let it steep. 

You’ll need:

  • As much hot water as you’d like to drink.
  • 1 bunch of organic fresh mint (I also like to include organic peppermint)

Add the mint to the hot water (you do not need to remove the leaves from the stems as long as everything is washed), and keep the mint in the tea – there’s no need to ever take it out.

Mint and peppermint are peacemakers to the digestive tract. They promote digestion and calm the stomach. The rosmarinic acid released by the mint leaves, is said to inhibit inflammation in the body. Victoria Beckham and so many other celebs swear by peppermint tea due to its anti-stress, anti-bloat and anti-indigestive properties.

I learned the hard way that no matter what fancy products you use or treatments you get, if you don’t have a healthy and calm digestive tract, you will ALWAYS have problems with you skin – whether it be hyperpigmentation, acne, redness, eczema, hormonal breakouts, etc.

Another added benefit of fresh mint tea? It doesn’t make your teeth yellow.

Whenever I’m out to eat, I’ll ask the waiter to bring me a side of fresh mint and a pot of hot water. I let the mint steep as I’m eating and always follow up my meal with fresh mint tea. Guys, it helps so much with stress, anxiety, post-meal bloat and digestion. I can’t even begin to tell you.

If you’re at home and want to get fancy with your everyday detox tea, try one of these add ons:

  • 1-2 teaspoons of raw, organic apple cider vinegar. The insane benefits of ACV can be found here (ALWAYS make sure you dilute ACV before consuming. It’s highly acidic).
  • 1 heaping teaspoon of my favorite, Natural Calm (I talk about my love affair with Calm here).
  • Add some lemon juice, a piece of fresh ginger or turmeric root.


So easy and SO MUCH BETTER than the 1436746 ingredient, chemically derived, sugar-and-creme-ridden, inflammation-producing crap that I drank way too much of in college.

Happy Sunday! It’s my birthday today so I’m off to Malibu to relax and unplug… with a cup of mint tea and an endless amount of gratitude for you all.

xx Natasha

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Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy it!


Thanks C! 🙂 XOXO


Happy Birthday Natasha! Enjoy your day!


Thank you Meghan! It was a great day 🙂 XX


Happy Birthday! May your birthday be as awesome and beautiful as you!


You are so kind. Thanks Bella!! It was really relaxing. Just what I needed! 🙂 xx


Happy Birthday!!


Thanks Mia! 🙂 XOXO


Awesome! Love tea! Happy birthday!


🙂 Thanks sister! x


Happy Birthday , and my mantra is: Old is what you get if you are Lucky. Think about it. ??


Jeanette, I LOVE that! I copy and pasted it into the notes on my phone. Couldn’t agree more – It’s a privilege, not a given <3 Thanks soul sis! 🙂 xoxo


Happy Birthday to you!! I am going to get mint and peppermint tomorrow…thank you!


YAAAA!! Thanks sister 🙂 Hope that you enjoyed the tea.

Know that I’m always here & thinking of you. Sending you lots of love. XO


I hope that you had a great birthday!! I am buying mint and peppermint tomorrow!!


Happy belated birthday ? Natasha… I hope you’ve had a lovely one! The tea ☕️ is great ? thanks xx


Thanks Jules! It was wonderful 🙂 So glad you like the tea too!! xxxx

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