Summer is here and who doesn’t want to look and feel like a hottie? I’m going to breakdown my diet, my non-negotiables & my everyday, go-to smoothie. This smoothie keeps me feeling my best, has healed my gut and keeps my body and skin looking better than it ever has.  

Whenever I feel emotionally fragile, weak, insecure or unhappy, I always shift the focus to my diet, my physical strength and my wellness/health. By focusing on my diet, my physical strength and an intention of feeling balanced and energized, I not only let myself off the emotional hook, but the emotional strength that I’m seeking does eventually follow.

This happens because I’m no longer focusing on the “lack,” and the “uncontrollable” (we control more than we think). Focusing and stressing about the lack in my life does nothing but a great job of keeping me in a state of fear-based paralysis where I feel hopeless, complain and get nothing done (& also allow my diet to go to sh*t).

I get asked a lot about what my specific diet is and how I’ve stuck to it. While the foundation of what I eat and how I live my life is always balance and moderation, there are some things that have proven to be so beneficial, they are part of my everyday routine.

As far as my diet everyday goes, here are a few things that I don’t ever/rarely include in my diet:

  • Gluten. I have Celiac Disease but even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t eat gluten. According to this website, there are numerous benefits to going gluten-free. I haven’t had gluten in over 10 years and although my reaction to it is allergic, this source contends that gluten is not only hard on the fragile lining of the gut, it’s also very difficult to digest. I used to look 6 months pregnant after having a 1/2 a bowl of Cheerios and now, I’m rarely bloated. I feel clearer; much more balanced and energized.
  • Alcohol. Yawn. Most alcohol has gluten in it so forget it, but I’m just not a big drinker anymore. I’ll have maybe 5 drinks a year. Yeah, if it’s my birthday or if I’m on vacation, I’ll have a margarita or something (and I’m wasted after one), but I rarely drink. I used to need alcohol to be social and to have confidence. Seriously. I suffered from such social anxiety and the alcohol provided nothing but a quick fix that eventually caused even more anxiety than before. Besides it aging me and wrecking havoc on my body, something really embarrassing happens to me when I drink. When some most people drink, they become cooler – they have more confidence and are the life of the party. When I drink, I turn into someone that desperately wants to be liked. Cooler? Ha! I get more nerdy, ocd-neurotic (Victoria, do you remember me cleaning your entire kitchen last 4th of July in Malibu?), anxietal and then it just becomes this game of proving to everyone and myself that “I’m in control and can be cool,” just so the next day I can worry even more and rehash everything I said and did. Not worth it. I’m so content nowadays, I almost feel like alcohol lifts me away from that in some regard. I don’t know, I feel like I grew out of it. I have no problem with people who drink; most all of my friends and family socially drink. It just isn’t useful to me any longer.
  • Sugar. I am mindful of my sugar intake. Does this mean that I never eat sugar? Ummm…. look at my Instagram profile and you’ll see how much I love desserts. I’m just conscious of it, that’s all. Balance is key.
  • Caffeine. I’ll have one of iced green tea per day but besides that, it’s lemon water and herbal teas. Never soda and a latte only a few times per year.
  • Anything that feeds Candida. Mainly, my diet at the very root, is anti-candida. Wtf is candida? Years ago I was in a much different place f*cking miserable. My acne read “SOS” in braille, I was diagnosed with endometriosis (and told that I’d never be able to have kids), my periods were out of control (pain and regulatory wise), I was extremely touchy, insecure and had a constant feeling of doom. I’d get sick all the time and I would wake up feeling like someone had beaten me with a lead pipe all night. I even experienced brain fog and crippling social anxiety (along with profuse sweating when I’d get nervous), which was scary and embarrassing. After lots of failed prescriptions, I decided to go Eastern and see a naturopath who enlightened me about the culprit: Candida. I had a systemic yeast infection in my gut and the lining of my gut had been compromised from years of a diet that was geared toward perforating it (leaky gut), and unmanaged stress. I also had no idea that our immune system is in the gut. The gnawing anxiety that I was feeling (especially after drinking alcohol, eating simple carbs or even going on a rollercoaster), was ALL related to the candida. When you have candida, you experience yeast and fungal overgrowth that manifests itself in the symptoms of so many different things. This affects millions of people and is a hidden cause of many health conditions. 1 out of 3 people suffer from candida overgrowth. Some common symptoms of candida are: brain fog, acne, fatigue, weak immune system, asthma, anxiety, depression, hypothyroidism and the list goes on. Today, my mind and my skin are clear. I’m in the best shape of my life, the endometriosis is GONE, I have the reproductive system of someone years younger than me, my immune system is strong, I have tons of energy, my digestive system is at ease and I overall feel happier and hotter than ever.

Besides when I travel (& go on a hunt to find an organic juicing/smoothie place like a wild banshee in heat), this smoothie is part of my diet every day.

Not only does it keep your skin looking dewy-JLo-perfection, it also single-handedly SLAYS candida, keeps your body healthy, keeps you FULL (without bloat), nourished and it also helps move things along if you know what I mean. You will see a total difference in 1 week.

+ If you suffer from acid reflux, put a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar in there too.

I do love a good cold pressed green juice but for me, the Vitamix is the best. It truly is the Rolls Royce of blenders. I like the Vitamix because you get all the benefits of juicing plus the fiber that juicing leaves out. Any blender works great too.

This smoothie counts for 1-2 of the meals in my diet per day and it’s also super easy to store and keep in the fridge/swell bottle for a few hours.


ingredients (this makes 2 mason jars) 

+ buy all organic and GMO-free if available

Organic Almond Milk (unsweetened). I’d start with filling the blender about 2 inches (see above photo). You can always add more almond milk if the smoothie is too thick.

1 frozen banana (I like peeling and breaking apart bananas then putting them into zip-lock bags and freezing them). Frozen bananas work way better than ice. They also help keep your blender around longer because they aren’t as hard as ice.

1 washed apple cut into pieces. Crispy and cold Pink Lady apples are my favs.

1 handful of organic spinach. I just buy a big box of the ready-to-go organic spinach. Easy.

1/2 of a bunch of organic Parsley.

1 inch of fresh turmeric root, peeled. 

1 inch of fresh ginger root, peeled.

Your mind, body, ass and future (or current if he’s a keeper), man will thank you.

Who’s meeting me in Malibu this summer?? 🙂 

+ I’ll have a new posts up all weekend. The next one is a topic I’ve been wanting to discuss for a long time. 

See ya tomorrow, natasha x

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😍 buying all of the ingredients tomorrow. Thanks Natasha ~ 😘😘😘😍❤️


Natasha = goals on goals on goals. Anddd making that smoothie today!


Right back at you sister 🙂 Thx u and enjoy!! xoxo


I’ll meet you in Malibu anytime. Do I have to bring the white horse 😉~D


haha 🙂 come anytime!!


Thanks, Natasha!!


Thank YOU Parker 🙂 xx


I can definitely see the hotness and fitness on you! *Heads to WholeFoods and local farm now* hahaa
Love You ! 🙂


hahaha love u too sister 🙂 enjoy it and make sure you aren’t anywhere that’s too far away from a bathroom LOL. xoxoxoxo


I just tried your smoothie and I love it! I told my dad about it and he’s on it too. Thanks for your awesome blog that has helped me over the last 6 months more than I can express. Thank you Natasha for sharing your gifts!


YAY!! I’m so glad that you are both on it and like it! 🙂 Thank YOU so much Suzy XOXO


Love this smoothie recipe! It’s so filling and yummy!


So happy you like it! Yes! & it also keeps things moving along digestively if you know what I mean LOL 🙂 xoxo


Hi Natasha, I hope you’re well. You are really inspiring me with your uplifting content and also your dietary info! I went straight to buy a smoothie maker and the ingredients you mention above earlier! I felt great thirty minutes after taking the drink !! Just knowing all the goodness that’s in it, I too had candida I found out from a food intolerance test…..I’m not sure if it was the pill that caused it for me, but I’m still harbouring melasma from it. Sigh !!! It made sense when you said the stress / acne etc !! But now some mental stress has left my life ( arse hole man ) things can only get better, as you say it all links together !! can’t thank you enough for your sound advise and as you say knowing we are in this together, your work is fabulous God bless you xxxxxxxx


YAY! I’m happy that you like the smoothie 🙂 I’ve got more diet/wellness posts coming soon. It takes one to know one Joanne – you are a gem. Thank you for taking the time to share and thank you for being a part of this tribe. All my love to you soul sister xxxxx


Fantastic can’t wait!! Take care love lots xx


🙂 xxxx

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