“breathe and release anything that does not serve you.”

Today is all about a question I get asked a lot – what I do for exercise and how I incorporate staying fit into a busy schedule that doesn’t always allow time for a conventional workout class or gym session. I’ll get into the specific workouts I do, my diet and the supplements that I take in other posts, but I do have a secret for staying fit no matter how busy I get or where I am.

May 5th of this year will mark 8 years since I made a serious commitment to my health. No, I haven’t been perfect or held myself up to some impossible standard (life is all about BALANCE), but I have kept the promises I made to myself back then (which in and of itself has built my confidence and self love because I’ve proven to myself that I can make a decision in light of my own best interests – commit to it, stick to it and follow through).

As a result, I’ve experienced my emotional and physical bodies develop, flourish and transform in ways I never thought was even possible.

my secret to staying fit?

It’s stupid simple.

I move. Period.

This isn’t about squats, circuits, yoga, spinning, pilates, treadmills or anything like that. This is about making the time to simply move my body everyday.

Yes – I love yoga. For me, yoga is like going to the gym, therapy and church all in one. Yoga is my moving meditation, prayer and has the added benefit of getting my body in kick-ass-gumby-flexible shape, which is why I make the time to go to class or practice on my mat every day that I can. It’s all about staying fit mentally and physically.

“Yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself.” – Bhagavad Gita

Natasha Adamo writes about her #1 secret to staying fit.

But there are days, sometimes weeks, where my schedule is slammed or I’m traveling and I just can’t find the time to set aside for a yoga class or gym. There are days I can’t even find the time to get on my mat at home. So, I move. I move every damn day.

Just by simply moving, I carry myself differently. I’m more in tune with my body, mindful of my posture and I avoid the main culprit of disease and depression: Stagnation. By making the commitment to move, I allow any stagnation to move through me and reignite my connection to my body.

Moving in some way every day is detoxifying. It fights depression, anxiety and it centers you.

The thing that I always make an effort to incorporate more of: walking.

Guys, walking is so f*cking underrated and tbh, it’s become a lost art.

seriously, WALK.

Stop wasting your time trying to get a parking space that’s close by. Park further away and walk. Walk to the store, walk to the gym, take the long way and walk around the mall. Walk around your campus. If you work at an office, drink a ton of water throughout the day so you can walk to the bathroom more often. Just WALK.

+ I’m usually always in high, high heels. If I’m too busy for a traditional workout session, I always make sure that I have these in my purse to change into so I can incorporate more steps into my day. They seriously fold up into nothing and save your feet (and your heels) 🙂  

Weight falls off when you walk. You don’t have to go to the gym for an hour just to feel good about yourself. You can feel good about yourself by making a conscious effort to move your body.

Tomorrow, make it a point to walk more and just see how you feel and how much better you sleep at night. When I know I can’t have a traditional workout on a certain day, I’ll turn on my iPhone health app and track my steps to reach a 10k goal. If I don’t reach it, that’s okay too. At least I wasn’t stagnant.

Not everything (including staying fit) has to be so regimented, unattainable and difficult.

Walking is easy on your joints, therapeutic and you can also get a ton of sh*t done while you walk. If I know that I have calls to make or emails to write, I’ll go outside or get on a treadmill and walk while I get my my stuff done. Friends that have been over my house when I’m on a conference call laugh at me and think I’m nuts because by the end of the call, there’s track marks on the carpet. I’m literally pacing around during the entire call. If you don’t think you can walk and get stuff done, try walking at a snails pace. You’re still moving your body and believe me, it does add up.

Let yourself off the staying fit hook and just move in some way every day – it’s detoxifying, it’s fun and your mind and body will thank you for it in spades.

Some of my favs

Corepower Yoga

Soul Cycle

♡ The Tracy Anderson Method Express

x Natasha


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Natasha you inspired me to get into yoga and now, I am going to make the conscious effort to walk more every day.. THANK YOU is never enough for all you have done for your readers, women around the world and this community you’ve created. #girlboss !!


I love the your lifestyle posts as much as your relationship and self improvement posts! Could you do a post on your skincare routine? Can’t wait for the post on your diet and supplements. Thx!


I walk a lot since I don’t drive but I also started eating very unhealthy. I’m barely going to try to eat healthy again and go back to do yoga that I just started didn’t do much. I love that water bottle you give a link to, hopefully it’s still on stock when I have money haha. Thanks for this posts they motivate me to do changes ??


Hi Paola!

Thx you I’m glad that you liked the post! Yes – those water bottles are my favorites because they aren’t plastic and are lead and BPA free 🙂 Don’t give up on yoga! XOXO


I second the post about a skincare routine next time you decide to do a lifestyle post 🙂 You’re inspiring me to move more and sweat out the toxins and I know it will get those mental toxins out as well.
Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us <3 xoxo


I fully agree with the “walking” and “moving ” I am an avid swimmer. I find the swimming very invigorating and meditative at the same time. I walk to the gym and I often walk back. This saves me money on bus fare. I live in NYC so my body is my “car”.
Also, consider what foods and drinks you put into your body and what value it has to the overall functioning of your brain, heart, lungs, bones, etc.
And one of my personal favorites – make sure your clothes still fit. If not, I adjust my activity level and take a close look at what I e been eating – too much pizza maybe? I never step on the scale. I have a tape measure and measure my busy waist and hips. That’s it. If my clothes don’t fit, I retune my “car”.


Hi Sasha! I need to try swimming (I can’t swim lol)! Thank you so much for sharing. I love your analogies and tips. I am going to take your advice. Thx! xxxx

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