Trying to figure out how to heal a broken heart is like trying to become perfectly fluent in a new language. Any logical person would agree, it takes time.

And although time is one of our greatest healers, what if your heartbreak is too unbearable to wait for an unknown amount of time to release you from the prison of everything that was?

In hindsight, I can always look back at certain things that transpired in past relationships and say to myself: “at THAT moment, I should have just left and been DONE. I should have made a graceful exit, STOPPED talking, started ACTING and rode off on my white horse into the land of The One That Got Away instead of The Crazy Psycho Ex Who Wouldn’t STFU.” 

I get it. It’s excruciating, it’s unnatural and at the moment, it just.isn’t.fair.

Not only are you faced with the Armageddon of your relational world, but now…

You’re supposed to somehow, make an executive decision based on the love that you supposedly have for your now defeated and deflated self, speak with your actions and move on… alone (?!?).

It’s way too much for your heart to carry all at once.

You feel lower than low, discarded, rejected, forgotten and scared of the “known,” you’ve convinced yourself is factual – that your ex is going to move on as a better person with a better partner in a better relational world. No matter how many cups of tea or hot showers you take, you feel cold all the time and nauseous. Breathing air seems like an effort because you’re air supply is now gone.

How do you pick yourself up and move on in spite of the connection, love, and feelings that you STILL have for the one person who assured you that your heart was in good hands?

Here’s how to heal a broken heart & move on in 7 steps…

Whether it be from a breakup, a family issue, friends, business, school, etc. – one of the things that I always seem to conveniently forget when I’m heartbroken is that heartbreak is SUPPOSED TO HURT.

You’re dealing with death and death is the ultimate loss. It’s the death of your hopes, plans, dreams and if you’re like I used to be, it can be the death of your only source of happiness.

Here are the 7 realizations/steps that will minimize the time you stir the sh*t in the toilet (just to hold onto/remember the remnants of what was a great meal – yuck), and get you on the path to indifferently FLUSHING-  the bs, the pain, and the heartbreak.

  • How to heal a broken heart: STEP #1: Disable your reflexes.

    As humans, our reflex is to immediately bandage a wound. Even though never taking a bandage off can cause more long-term pain/damage, we don’t give a f*ck. We just need something to cover the wound.  The moment I stopped being so ashamed of my wounds and surrendered to the truth – that heartbreak and breakups of any kind are supposed to hurt – my healing time was expedited and my power was reclaimed.

  • How to heal a broken heart: STEP #2: Run out of f*cks to give.

    Understand that once your relationship, trust, respect, etc. is severed, the other person’s emotional state is no longer your priority or responsibility. YOU are your priority.

  • How to heal a broken heart: STEP #3: Take time.

    This one is especially difficult because it literally goes against everything that your heart, mind, and body are moth-to-a-flame pulled in the direction of. When a person, circumstance or situation breaks your heart, understand that you NEED space; you HAVE TO have it. Without space, you disable your own emotional airbag from releasing and rob yourself of the perspective that’s needed to heal, deal and move on. As I always say, contradiction is the root of all misery. You can’t be engaged in constant contact with whatever broke you while also claiming that you need/want to heal and emotionally detox. If you’re scared of the other person forgetting you because you need space, they’re the wrong person (the same person who got you here in the first place – the person who was reckless with your heart).

  • How to heal a broken heart: STEP #4: Stick with what you know. Emotional amnesia is not a good look.

    Let it burn. USE what you now know to FEEL what you’re scared to feel. Emotional amnesia in the form of constant contact is about as beneficial as putting a bandage on skin cancer and expecting a cure.

  • How to heal a broken heart: STEP #5: Let go of the guilt.

    If you suffer from the disease to please like I used to, having boundaries of any kind will elicit guilt. But here’s the thing – since when did recognizing yourself in a healthy manner by communicating through your actions that you need time and space to heal, deal and process, become a bad thing?

    If anyone makes you feel guilty for that (including the cynical audience in your head), make the decision to opt OUT of the bs. If someone or something breaks your heart, it’s not only okay, it’s healthy to distance yourself. It’s unhealthy, wrong and never sexy to feel guilty for acknowledging that you aren’t a light switch.

  • How to heal a broken heart: STEP #6: Anger > Hopelessness

    It’s okay to be angry. In fact, I prefer anger over hopelessness. When you’re hopeless, you’re stagnant and there is nothing but death in stagnation. When you’ve hit a level of I’m-sick-and-tired-of-being-sick-and-tired ANGER, you can commit to ACTING. Action = evolving, which = propelling out of the heartbreak and moving on.

    But HOW do you move from hopelessness to anger? It seems impossible. The only way to propel out of hopeless heartbreak is through acknowledgment. If someone has been a complete piece of sh*t, you need to acknowledge them for who they are. Get over the arguing with reality romanticizing and start to get REAL with what you DO know. The truth does indeed, set you free.

  • How to heal a broken heart: STEP #7: Adopt this version of forgiveness (it’s much easier and less dramatic)

    I’ve always had the hardest time with forgiveness. There’s a part of me that will forever feel like if forgive, I condone. There’s also a part of me that romanticizes the “high road” in forgiving and wants so desperately to embody Mark Twain’s beautiful words in the most Grace Kelly-esque way: “Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” But… I can’t. I just can’t.

    Maybe it’s because the offending party adopts being forgiven as such; maybe it’s because of what I was taught as a kid… who knows? What I do know is that forgiveness can be so much more attainable and achievable if you redefine what it means to you. It doesn’t need to be this all-encompassing, umbrella concept. While I’m a huge fan of and believer in Oprah’s AHA! moment that “Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different,” I’ve built upon and adopted something that works for ME. To me, forgiveness is simple. It means accepting someone for who they are TODAY – not 6 months ago, not who they were when they were on top of you in bed on vacation, not who they were when you met. It’s about accepting someone for who they are in THIS moment and adjusting your boundaries accordingly. Remember – people don’t change, they reveal who they truly are over time. Forgiveness is about ACCEPTING that REVEAL in real time – independent of making it about you/your lack of value.

Know that you are HERE, right now and if you weren’t destined to heal, deal and move past this, you wouldn’t be reading these words right now.

You are loved, understood, supported, backed, believed in, and never, ever alone.

You’re ready.

x Natasha

If you need further and more personalized help with your relationship, please look into working with me here.


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Love this! I’m going through a break up ish moment right now, this couldn’t have come at a better time! I also love your site! If you get a chance check mine out!!


Thanks Tierra! 🙂 will do! xoxo


Fantastic! Thank you!


Happy it helped! 🙂 XOXO


Thank you so much for the words of wisdom and encouragement, it is definitely not fair but I guess it is what it is. If you could offer some words for those of us going through this bs but have children with the person who broke our heart…


I’m glad that it served you 🙂 Thanks Bella! I will definitely try to write a blog post on that soon!! All my love to you sister. xx


I have a daughter and it’s been so hard trying to navigate the heartbreak all while still trying to be an example to her and help her as well.
Thank you, your kind words mean so much!


<3 xoxo


Yes Bella I agree, I’m almost a little envious of those who don’t have any children with their exes. I was informed by my ex-husband just a week ago that he has been seeing someone for 1 month (this news came after we had been trying to work on our marriage just 2 months ago). I wasn’t prepared for the way that punch felt to my gut and as part of our co-parenting agreements, when we separated we had agreed that if either of us started seeing other people and found someone that we thought would be special enough to bring around our child that we needed to meet that person first. At the time of the agreement I was so pissed off an angry and so relieved to be leaving that I welcomed the idea… even prayed for the idea of him seeing someone. And now after hearing his news I can’t describe how heartbroken, sad, miserable and confused I feel.. and the cherry on top is that I may get to meet her if their “thing” turns into something. I stupidly looked up a picture of her and of course she’s prettier, younger, skinny etc. etc. I feel anxiety coming on waiting for him to let me know when I get the pleasure of meeting her. But I just keep telling myself this isn’t about me and it’s for our daughter. I stumbled onto Natasha’s blog this weekend which was an especially tough weekend and reading her advise feels like I’m taking peptobismol and I literally feel her words coating my stomach and relieving me a little of this heartache which feels more like a the stomachache from hell. Thank you so much Natasha for your blogs. I especially love your analogy of stirring the crap in the toilet looking for the remains of the good part of the meal. The visual has seriously been helping me get through this. Also your blog about “Does he miss me” WOW you’ll never know how that blog has helped me. How did you get into my head? How did you know? It has helped me start to move on. Thank you so much.


This literally pinged in my inbox this morning (I’m in the UK) as I was holding back the tears due to the heartbreak I’ve just been caused (or caused myself really) by my emotional unavailable, definitely narcissistic, ex. I fell hard, really hard for this f**ktard after coming out of a crappy long term relationship. He was my knight in shining armour, until he wasn’t, and for the second time he has discarded me without muttering a single word and just like that, poof, he’s gone. Thank you Natasha for this amazing blog, it lead to the discovery of not only what this man was but forced me to wake up to the issues that I didn’t even know I had, these have plagued me in every relationship I’ve ever been in and I can now see it’s time to do the work on myself. I know this guy is not ever going to be the one for me but my god the heartbreak, it’s so…so…hard. Thank you for making me realise I’m not crazy, your blog has become my bible – I’ve just ordered one of your necklaces to serve as a reminder that this monster is indeed my northern star and ironically my way out of the mess that is my utterly non existent self worth in relationsh*ts! Thanks from the bottom of my (currently very battered) heart. Xx


Laura, your beautiful message made me cry. Thank you so much for the love, support and for allowing me to feel less alone in my experiences, emotions, thoughts, fears and insecurities. Please let me know how you like the necklace!! You WILL get through this – you can get through ANYTHING. You’re incredible. Thank you for being a part of this tribe and for just being you. Love to you soul sis. xxx


This is just what I needed to read right now. Particularly your point in #7:

Remember – people don’t change, they unfold and reveal who they truly are over time.

Currently going through a breakup and this couldn’t be more true. Thank you so much for the reminder xx


So glad it helped! Thanks Kate 🙂 xxxx


Thank you for this Natasha! Currently going through this and it’s never easy but your words keep me going and build up my mind! I’m so thankful for your you and your blog! I have a question PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REPLY, If he claimed he loved me those 5 years and suddenly started to change although there were things he did switch were signs during the 5 years… will he ever he ever realize what he put my emotions through??? Also could you do a post on witnessing ‘Karma’ happening to people who have wronged rather than you getting in the way and just traveling on your white horse.


Hi Kristen!

Thank you so much! I’m honored to have helped <3

I wish that I could elaborate further and answer your questions, but I have too much to say to type it all out not enough hands to type or hours in the day. I would also need more details.

Thanks for your love, for reading and for your understanding. Keep coming back here to the blog.

I do offer one-on-one coaching if you’re interested and would be happy to help further ? The link to it is on the homepage.

I will definitely try to write a post about this soon; LOVE the topic. Thanks for the recommendation.

All my love to you soul sister.

You’re not alone xo


Do you truly believe people never change? Do you think change is possible? Even in an emotionally unavailable guy? Will they ever mature?!?! PS When is the giveaway! Sorry so many questions!! I am just a huge fan of this site and your posts always leave me wanting MORE!!!!


Hi Al!

Check this out (wish I could elaborate further here on the comments. Thx for understanding!)

Hope that helps! There are more posts that further answer/explore on your questions as well.

The giveaway is coming soon – in the next month! 🙂

You are appreciated and loved.



It is so true – the truth does set you free. It’s also the hardest thing to look at sometimes. We invest our hearts into guys and situations with the very best intentions. We are open and vulnerable and because of this, we often think that’s what we are going to get back. Love. Honesty. A connection. A future.

We ‘float’ around with this idea in our hearts and minds. We are floating so high, that sometimes, we bypass those huge red flags….omg (this is sooooooo what I am good at!). But what goes up, must come down. You look up, those red flags are still flying and there’s a part of you, deep inside that says ‘pay attention’. This is the beginning of any heartbreak. But usually we do not act on this. We want to, but we just cannot give up. We want to believe it’s all good. We will get love back.

I’m speaking for myself here, but for me, learning to raise my standards of what I would and would not accept, was why I ended up being able to see my broken heart as a gift. I’m an over functioner.. Seriously, if I get a whiff of dysfunction, I’m there like Florence Nightengale. The girl who wants to fix and please.

But you’ll attract someone who can’t love you back. That was the lesson. Took two and a half years of my life to work this out. He was hot and cold. He was either perfection or a nightmare. I was either on Cloud Nine or a crippled mess.

I knew it wouldn’t change. But I so wanted it to. I lived for the good times. But started to read articles online about how to tell a guy was not into you/emotionally unavailable/a player/ …. you know the drill. We don’t do this if everything is rosy. So my intuition was spot on (it always is girls – learn to listen to it because it comes from the oldest part of your soul and it always has your back).

But when you reach the point of heartbreak – everything oozes out. You are on the floor and it’s all there in front of you. This is the gift. You cannot hurt anymore than what you already are. So cry and sob. Feel like crap and don’t lie to yourself. Because the anger will come. The lowest ebb is always the turn of the tide. Wait for it. That tide of pain will slowly disappear. When youre there. All cried out – that low ebb WILL turn.

Anger is like fuel. A heat. Think of the Phoenix rising. This is what pulls you back together. You didn’t die. You thought you were going to but you didn’t. And your anger is there to remind you of what you deserve. Which is why your heart broke. You weren’t getting what you deserved.

You care too much about the wrong person or things. That caring won’t give you what you deserve. You need to look within. Why did I choose such a crappy situation for myself?

Use your anger to feel strong again. To build better boundaries. To change your self talk. To cut him off. To wake up each morning and say ‘f*** you … (insert name of dick here). If it makes you feel better – then do it.

But you need to do this for awhile. Until you become indifferent. That’s freedom. You aren’t angry now. You feel strong inside and at peace. For me it was when I realised my tummy didn’t do backflips if he contacted me and I quit facebook stalking him. Lol. This was a HUGE achievement girls!

I just stopped caring about him. But I was loving myself so much more. I accepted I was too loving and a pleaser and that I needed to do these things for myself – not others. That I was naturally thoughtful and didn’t need to try hard or fix things. I just started to look for synchronicity. If I was hitting a brick wall with something – it wasn’t an invitation to get a jack hammer – it was a message to walk away.

Be strong. Breathe. Do yoga. Buy a super soft blanket. Paint your nails. Love yourself. Feel your feelings. Cry. Get mad. Read. Look around you.

Your heart will heal. It broke because it wanted you see everything inside. It’s a gift. Put the pieces together. It always begins with ourselves. When you see this, you’ll see the truth. You’ll feel it.

Love love love to all of you. We are all the same. We all get each other. We just sometimes find it hardest to love ourselves. But broken hearts teach us that. I’m crying now but it feels so good. We deserve to feel good. Remember that!

Thank you Natasha. Xxx


Lorelle, I am in tears. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write with such raw and kind honesty, such love and such deep-seated knowingness and understanding. I want to make your comment a blog post! So incredibly beautiful, healing, profound and TRUE. Thank you for being the light and the angel that you are. You’re incredible <3 xxxx


Awwww! You just make me smile and cry at the same time, Natasha! To have you say that, when your words have allowed me to travel this far, is such a sweet and total compliment. I have changed so much since coming here and I’ve learnt to love myself – faults and all. I’m truly grateful – and we are all blessed to have this awesome platform to share our feelings and journeys.

Thank you from the bottom of my happy heart, Natasha xxxx hugs xxxx ?❤️?


I meant every word <3 Love to you sister. xxxxx


Oh my, I am in tears too. Absolutely incredible, thank you for your insight and confidence in all of us that we will rise above the heartbreak. Hugs to all of you.


That was amazing, Lorelle! I don’t know if you’ll actually see this but just wanted to send a virtual high-five! I feel so pumped and recharged …and I’m not even going through a break-up at the moment – just love reading through Natasha’s posts 🙂

Much love to you and thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself with us!


I couldn’t agree more 🙂 Thank you Lorelle and Amy! Sending you both big love and hugs. XOXO


Thank you as always Natasha. I’m still grieving 8 months after my heartbreak (not for him – for the future he promised) and sometimes I feel like I will never meet anyone again (he got engaged three months after me but I cut him off and haven’t been in contact for 8 months). God it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through but then I remember how lucky and fortunate I am to have such a great family and friends. Blessed.


Hi Millie. Awww big hugs to you. Your story is a heart tugger – you have amazing strength to do what you have done.
It’s very hard to let go of the dream these men sell us and I totally admire how you can stay so strong and cut him off -and maintain that.

You’ll have no regrets in life about that. Engaged three months later to someone else?? Oh dear, that sounds like a red flag flying. But you’re safe and protected from it.

I’m like you, I come here to feel better and I read prolifically- it is wonderful soul food.
I think you’re so strong. There’s beautiful things in store for you! I know it! ?


Dear Lorelle lovely words thank you so much for taking the time to write them. It really means a lot. Sending you some soul sister love. I’m sure amazing is around the corner for you too! Xo




And you have this tribe! We all love, support, understand and believe in you Millie <3 I'm so happy that the post helped. You are not alone. xx


Best blog on the Internet. So empowering and comforting.


I’m all smiles 🙂 Thank you so much Hana! XOXO


This really helped me! It’s so hard when someone you love and thought loved you back the same way reveals their true colours?


Hi Maria! I’m happy it helped 🙂 You are not alone. xoxo


Why has it taken me two years to find your site? I have been trying to get over losing someone’s friendship since I had to leave my job. He was a work colleague and seemed to be very supportive of things I had going on in my life. But after I left my job, because of family bereavements and family illness I have lost him. I have tried to stay in touch with him via text or email but he just refuses to reply. I actually saw him a year ago near to the work place and he said it was nice to see me and said he would contact me about meeting for a chat. But he hasn’t. I must now accept that he never will.

I like the bit about accepting someone for who they are today, not how they were in the past. My ex-friend was kind and caring ‘in the past’ but now he’s ignoring me. I will focus on that. I have read several of your articles today and they are very relevant to me and helpful. Thanks Natasha. x


So happy to help! 🙂 Thanks for being a part of this tribe Sue. Sending you love. xx


I’m 4 weeks removed from a break up and this blog is EVERYTHING to me at the moment.

In the past I would always get my heart broken and wonder why the guy had done it when I’d been nothing but a “super chilled amazing girlfriend” but this relationship went on for 2.5 years and, as a result, it’s been the catalyst for me to finally see where I have been going wrong. I have 2.5 years of hindsight, 2.5 years of this guy showing me (via his actions) that he was emotionally unavailable and me being his doormat.

I can now see I’ve ALWAYS chosen emotionally unavailable guys and tried to “fix” them. I held onto this past relationship despite so many red flags for all the wrong reasons. I wanted to look like I was in a committed, happy, healthy relationship evwn though my boyfriend was a project… one that stopped me looking at my own issues.

Everything happens for a reason and I can now see, for the first time ever, that I need to learn to truly love myself and lose my disease to please/be validated. I need a healthy relationship with me before I can have any sort of healthy romantic relationship.

Thank you for your words Natasha.



I want to hug, high-5, and take you out to lunch all at the same time 🙂 You go girl. So happy for and PROUD of you.

I’m honored to have helped. All my love to you sister. XO



I think what’s been most helpful to me are your articles on emotional unavailability, abandonment issues and the story of your Mr FT and how dating him was a masterclass in getting to know you… This comment is going to be a long one.

Here’s the thing: I knew I was choosing to stay in a relationship which I needed to leave. It went on for so long that by the time we were nearing the end my heart nor libido was in it anymore (the p*rn star sex has become something I dreaded). I was staying because I was afraid – afraid to be alone again and afraid I’d never find anyone better. My Mr FT was showing me time and time again though that he was not emotionally available (I didn’t know what that really meant at the time, I still just thought he had “issues” and “couldn’t open up”). I did know I wanted something more, I had been starved for too long. I’d actually had a medium reading 4.5 months before the break up where my nan came through and told me “he didn’t love me properly” and many other things of that nature which all pointed to the same conclusion – I was not in a good relationship.

I kept resisting though, kept thinking if X, Y, Z would happen then he’d suddenly change and be that person. THAT person he’d shown me he could be. But I had started to exit the relationship emotionally, I started to call him out on not making me a priority and once I showed a little spine he did what was needed and broke up with me. Needed for me anyway! I wasn’t quite under his control anymore and he didn’t like it.

I wasn’t quite ready to get off the hamster wheel though and at the moment I’m like a wild animal that had been beaten and kept in captivity for years who has suddenly been freed from the cage… only with the added bonus that I’m the reason I was in the cage and I was the one allowing the beating. So I’ve had to go internally and realise WHY?!

I now see I had a residual abandonment issue left over from when my dad died. He and I had an awful relarionship (he was physically abusive to me as a child) and we never repaired it before he died and I’d never quite forgiven him. He had an amazing relationship with my younger sister (he had therapy before she was born) but he couldn’t repair things with me which always left me feeling rubbish. Like why her, but not me? Of course I now realise maybe he just didn’t know how to fix things with me; especially as I wasn’t that receptive to it.

My Mr FT triggered that abandonment issue very early on in our relationship by playing the “I don’t want a relationship right now… but I do want you in my life card”. And that’s why I stayed with him, he knew my krypronite even though I did not (or I did not want to face it anyway). Every time he’d bring up an ex or that he’d not managed to make a relationship “last longer than 4 years” I’d think that I was going to be the girl who change that. This time I WOULD be chosen. I was in a triangular relationship where I was always competing for him with the gym/his friends/his family but most of all his ex girlfriends. I had entered a game I was never going to win.

Anyway.. your blog has allowed me to see all this finally. I had a bad habit of choosing men who were as emotionally unavailable to me as my dad was and they were all still obsessed with an ex on some level (my first boyfriend even cheated on me with her) because if I “won” this guy or could retroactively heal my childhood wound of not being chosen by my dad even though he loved my sister.

I’ve started to do some visual meditation exercises where I go back in time and I save my younger self from a memory where I’m being abused. I’m taking the steps to heal that little girl now and reminding myself that I’m not her anymore (I’ve also now got a photo of her in my purse). I’m a badass 32 year old woman who doesn’t need ANYONE and I’m going to remind myself of that every day and never allow myself to be disrespected again. I’m also reminding myself that my dad was just a broken person and I need to let go of any anger I still have towards him as all it does is cause toxicity in my life. I might still be making mistakes with men but I’m strong in so many ways and my childhood is the reason. My pain has always been my tool for growth.

But… as for men. Next time I get involved with someone it will be because they WANT me. Next time I WILL have better boundaries. Next time emotional unavailability WILL be something I recognise and it WILL be a deal breaker.

I’m from the UK and I was devastated about the decision for us to leave the EU. I’ve got loads of European countries on my bucket list so I’ve come to Berlin, Germany (aka vegan Mecca) ALONE this weekend. Travelling abroad was something I always felt like I needed someone for and doing this is a bit step in helping my internal healing. I’d like to have someone in my life who I’d want to be here with but I definitely feel liberated realising I don’t need someone to do this.

I’ve also enrolled to go back to university as I have a degree in Psychology. My dad died from terminal cancer and I’d like to train to be a counsellor and work with families going through the same. The way I see it there can’t be a better way for me to heal than to help others. Yes, my ex exploited me because of my abandonment issue but I also saw how caring, compassionate and patient I am thanks to that relationship. Those are qualities he took advantages of too but they’re amazing qualities and they should be put to good use.

Each day is getting easier and the sadness and times when I think of my ex are getting less. It’s like I’m waking up from a dream and coming back into reality because HE WASN’T REAL, everything I loved about him was thanks to the image I had projected on him from my own mind. Looking forward to the day when he doesn’t pierce my thoughts anymore at all.

Amanda X



I wish that I had the time to respond in as much detail as I would like. You have no idea how much you have just now helped me in feeling less alone with extremely similar struggles that I have had in the past. You have also helped so many others through sharing and shining that beautiful light of yours.

Thank you for being a part of this tribe and thank you for being YOU. Keep on shining.

I am so happy and honored to help. xxxx


Hi Natasha,
I want to thank you for your amazing advice, sharing your experiences, your funny spin on experiences that we have all shared and have been frustrated by. I am a single mom, that is a breast cancer survivor and through my own insecurities post mastectomy I found comfort and self esteem in the arms of someone I believed to be a friend. Unfortunately in the past two years that we have been in our casual sexual relationsh*t I never realized that I was being led on…..I believe inadvertently on his end, as I don’t perceive him as the calculating type (that was my ex husband). Our physical attraction to each other is very intense and the sex is amazing which makes it hard for us to stay away from each other. Nonetheless on Valentine’s Day he shows up with a flowers, chocolates, candle, fragrance as his gift to me and I was like WTF does this mean? I was baffled by this as we are not boyfriend/girlfriend and far from it. This is where I took his crumbs and started putting together the cookie that you mentioned in another post, which was a brilliant analogy btw…I told him that I fell in love with him and was ready to take things to another level and depart our casual situation and maybe go on a date.. it has been 12 days and he has said NOTHING…I bumped into him this past weekend and he smiled, which I found to be ridiculous..I decided this week to throw out all the items he gave me for Valentine’s Day and MOVE ON….as my mom says “you can’t get apple juice from an orange”. I have shared your site with many colleagues this week and will also mention it to my therapist tonight for our session because you have truly inspired me. While I do not have any feeling in my breasts post surgery..I have a lot of feeling left in my heart, and you have helped me embrace my feelings the way I should and not be ashamed of them. I feel confident about the next phase in my life and I love that you refer to us a tribe, because that is what we are..a beautiful tribe. I am so glad I have found this site and keep it minimized on my screen at work all day to read new posts and re-read old ones. I can’t get enough. Eternally grateful, Rosa xoxo


Hi Rosa!

Thank you so much for not only sharing your love, support, and story but for being a part of this tribe and shining that beautiful light of yours here.

I am so happy and honored to help in anyway. Thank you for sharing the blog – it means everything to me.

If you haven’t read it yet, read my Mom’s guest post. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. All my love to you sister. You are incredible. Here is the link to her post:



Thank you for your kind words Natasha! I will definitely read your mom’s guest post, thank you for sharing it! God bless you and your mom with good mental and physical health, as that is the key to a happy journey. As we say in the Dominican Republic, “eres una de las reversibles”, which means “you are one of the reversibles”, beautiful on the inside and outside. God bless you always. xoxo


I must say, these are very impressive & effective ways to move on from a past relationship as well as to heal a broken heart. Great work.

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