Happy Holidays to YOU!

PMS has teamed up with The Brow Gal, Bijouterie and Alo Yoga & we’re giving away a Post Male Syndrome Holiday Box ( << worth about $400 bucks of goodies).

As you guys know, I love anything that has to do with beauty, fashion and yoga, so it’s no surprise that all the products in this holiday box are items that I use on the daily, love and swear by.

So when the opportunity was there for me to hand pick a bunch of my favorites for you guys, I was pretttttttty excited.

The lucky winner is going to be 10 times more excited… seriously the best stuff ever!

In this Holiday Box are my EXACT favorite products. Like what?

Glad you asked.

  • My all-time favorite products from The Brow Gal. Guys, these are the aces in my makeup bag. 

My bestie, Tonya Crooks, also happens to be The Brow Gal – Los Angeles’s go-to brow expert and Makup artist. Her client roster includes Megan Fox, Fergie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes, Britney Spears, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Molly Sims, Chelsea Handler and now YOU! Tonya has been interviewed and featured in InStyle Magazine, Elle, Vogue and People StyleWatch just to name a few. She is the best.

When I do my brows, I like to use a lighter pencil in the front and a pencil that’s a shade darker to better define and shape the ends of my brows. I also like to use BOTH shades of her amazing highlighter to hide regrowth and accentuate the arch.

And it’s never completed unless I can set it all with Tonya’s brow gel and have a sharpener on hand for the highlighters (there’s a built-in sharpener on the caps of each brow pencil).

Soooooo, we’re including this from her product line:

TWO Brow Pencils – one darker and one a shade lighter (Tonya will hand pick the right shade for the winner).

BOTH highlighters – The brow highlighter pencil is something that I can’t live without. It’s a unique product that serves two purposes. With the shimmer end, you can highlight your arches beautifully to accent your brows and with the matte tip, you are able to conceal facial imperfections and also hide regrowth in-between tweezing which I love because your brows always look polished, even when they’ve grown out a bit.

Brow Gel – The brow gel is a clear gel that will lock in the shape and color of your brow. The gel is water and sweat resistant (it withstands my hot yoga class).



Check out more info on Second chance by: Tonya Crooks here and here.


  • A stack from Bijouterie that I have on solid rotation right now. 

My talented girlfriend’s designs can be seen on Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba, Kylie Jenner, Janel Parrish, and Maria Menounos, just to name a few. I love her designs and wear her jewelry every day. She is including my favorite stack of bracelets that I hand picked. They look so good on their own, with my other bracelets and stacked with a watch too. Also – I own and am in love with this stack.

  • Alo Yoga pants, also known as photo shop for your legs & a miracle bra for your ass.

For years, I’ve been a die hard user of another, very well known yoga clothing brand. Then Alo came around, announced that they were opening their flagship store in my hood in Beverly Hills and they just dropped the f-ing mic. All of their clothes are the highest quality and their yoga pants (a lot of which I wear when I’m going out. Yes, I’m alwaysssss in yoga pants) are literally photo shop for the legs. They don’t flatten your ass either, they grip right underneath the ass to give you lift and shape. Yes and yes.

The winner will have HER CHOICE of ANY one pair of pants on the Alo Yoga site.

  • Lastly….. I am the least cocky person I know. No, I do not consider myself, my time, my knowledge, my presence, etc., “a prize” by any stretch of the imagination. As many of you know, I just announced that I’d be offering the option to work one-on-one with me for readers that need more than just a short reply in the comments section. I’m offering the winner (IF they’d like it), one free phone call or Skype session with me. More info about that here.


  • Follow me (@natashaadamo), The Brow Gal (@thebrowgal), Bijouterie (@bijouterie) & Alo Yoga (@aloyoga) on Instagram
  • “Like” & Tag 2 of your girlfriends in the comments section of my Instagram picture showing this giveaway found here.
  • Comment below this post (you can comment anonymously and as a guest without having to create an account and your email is NEVER shared), and in a few sentences, tell us why you want to win these products.

1 runner up will receive a sports bra from Alo Yoga of their choice and the other runner up will receive a Brow Pencil

{anyone is eligible to enter / winner chosen at random / giveaway ends Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 at midnight / winner is announced here on the blog on Wednesday night (the 23rd)}

Good Luck!!




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Just entered!! I want to win this because your blog is life and each one of these products means so much to me because you use them Natasha. Because of you, I got into yoga and I learned to respect myself and kick my FT to the curb. Much love, Kara


This is so exciting!!! I honestly want to win because these products look incredible! Ive been stalking their Instagram pages for the past 20 min and I’m in love lol. I’ve just started to experiment with my eyebrows and to have Tonya hand pick the shades from her line…it doesn’t get much better than that!

I also love stacking bracelets and I think I see an elephant on one and I love elephants (since they’re lucky!) Those bracelets are so beautiful.

I was looking at the yoga pants on insta and they’re totally inspiring me to start yoga lol. They look like they are amazing quality too.

Regardless of winning or losing I feel so lucky to be a part of this community and to be a part of your life Natasha! xoxox


Who wouldn’t want to win an amazing box of treats that you have chosen. Followed all the directions in your post – and fingers crossed, hope to win. I have been following your counterparts on instagram and their product lines are fantastic – such a powerful group of women! The best would be a phone call from Natasha herself! that would be the greatest gift – to actually hear your voice 🙂

No need to go into detail – as I have commented so many times before – but you really are a gift Natasha. XOXOX


I LOVE THIS BLOG! The giveaway looks amazing!! I would loove to get all the goodies omg! Natasha you don’t know how much courage and self loving you’ve taught me. This is the best thing I’ve ever found it’s like having another best friend, which you and the blog has become<3


This is so awesome!!! All of the products are awesome I’d love this as a holiday present. You are truly amazing <3 Hope your holiday is absolutely wonderful and filled with friends and family. Lots of love – Colette xx


Everything listed in this giveaway is amazing!!! What you’re doing is incredible Natasha and I will always wish your kind hearted soul the very best in this lifetime. … May the odds be in my favor!! =D ✨✨


This has to be the best giveaway ever ???? I have been following them for a while and l like their products. I love the jewelry from bijouterie shes has a lot of beautiful stuff. I hope to win, who wouldn’t want such great stuff that you use. Your blog and you are amazing ????


Wow, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win these products! They all look amazing. Grossing my fingers I win because my eyebrows need help lol + the bracelet is super cute and who doesn’t love to wear yoga pans ???????? Goodluck to everyone who is entering and keep up the good work Natasha! 🙂 xoxo
-Karen Perez


Oh how I would enjoy this. Good luck everyone.


This an amazing giveaway! Thank you for this giveaway. I hope to win because it’d be nice to treat myself without spending money, or thats nice for anyone else ???????? and those yoga pants look like they’re to die for. ????


I follow Bijouterie closely and love their work, have always been an accessories girl. Plus, would love to have awesome eyebrows and a great sports bra for the holidays! xxx


Natasha i love everything in this giveaway!!!! I really want to win because I want to talk on the phone with you the most though. Your articles have helped me more than anything or anyone ever has. Crossing my fingers that I win and good luck to everyone!!


WHAT?! This giveaway is so good! Thank you so much Natasha for this giveaway and for healing my broken heart. I would love too to talk on the phone with you, get my brows in shape and I am a huge fan of Bijouterie and would really love a pair of the yoga pants. I got into yoga because of you. Your posts here on PMS and on Instagram are so inspirational! I hope that I win!


I feel like I have won already finding your blog 🙂 You are the most generous person with your time, talents and now stuff every woman wants!


oops….my email address fell off


I love love love this blog! I look forward to new posts and sharing them with my girlfriends! So on point 🙂 thank you.


Your blog is the first thing that I go to every morning and you have inspired and helped heal my broken heart Natasha. I love your beauty and your style and would love to win this giveaway!!!!


Just entered! Natasha I have to win this!!!! The number one reason is being able to talk to you. I recently went through a horrible breakup and want nothing more than to be able to talk to you on the phone. I also happen to love every one of the items in the giveaway. Good luck to everyone!


Hi Natasha my name is Jocelyn and your blog has been my saving grace. I would love to win this giveaway and also have the opportunity to be able to talk to you. Thank you and good luck to all of your readers we love and appreciate everything that you do


Loving all of the entries!! xoxo


Hi Natasha,

My name is Hallie V and I would love to win this giveaway 1.) because all of these gifts are bomb AF and 2.) because your blog has quite frankly changed my life. About 6 months ago, I was a 20 year-old college student who was extremely insecure and lost over some loser who had broken my heart. One day, I stumbled upon PMS and my life literally changed… It was like someone finally understood many of my (sometimes ridiculous) problems. You are so unbelievably talented and I couldn’t possible thank you enough.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas!! <3


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