*at the end of this post you can get my most favorite (+ absolutely free), skin product {not pictured above} 🙂

I used to have super blotchy, broken out, dull and sometimes eczema-ridden skin that would flare up, even more so every 28 days, in the form of a beard/goatee of red, angry, inflamed zits on my face. As if my social anxiety wasn’t already bad enough, skin problems held me back from wanting to go out and be seen. When you’re in a state of emotional distress, anxiety, hopelessness, insecurity, etc., the skin is the first place to signal that there is dis-ease within.

Although opinions are always my own, this post is not sponsored in any way. Just pure realness and exactly what I use to maintain skin that now I don’t feel like I need to apologize for or make excuses about how “tired” I am when I don’t wear makeup (& have gotten more than enough sleep).

First, a few things about skincare, attaining supermodel skin and maintaining it…

Natasha Adamo's favorite skin care products to create, maintain (& fake) supermodel skin

My wallet has learned the hard way that just like working out, a fancy gym membership or fancy pantsy skin care products will not just give you a perfect body and supermodel skin. In fact, many personal trainers say that working out is really only a small percentage of being at your ideal shape and weight. It’s really what you eat. SAME with skincare. Yes, the products and my regime totally help and if I didn’t see such a difference, I wouldn’t be sharing them with you but here’s the thing…

The best thing you can do to transform your skin is change your diet (along with using the right products for you, but that’s secondary. I cannot stress this enough).

I hate when simple things are made complicated. This is not complicated:

Be mindful, make the commitment to move your body & don’t ingest crap.

Next week, I’ll have a post up about my diet (again, easy & simple), and a smoothie that I make every day that has single-handedly transformed my skin, whitened my eyes and has basically been real life Facetune for me.

A few things about the products – First, I eat very natural but I don’t use all natural face or makeup products. I use what works for me and although I try to incorporate what I can that’s natural, for me it’s not the deciding factor. Second, I’ve tried the whole coconut oil, argan oil, OIL thing and personally, it clogs my pores and breaks me out so ya, I think I’m the only chick that isn’t on the coconut oil express. These products are on solid rotation for me and as much as I’ve tried to change it up and as much as other products do get incorporated in from time to time, I’m always back to these.

Also – wear your spf. Your skin will thank you and you’ll thank your nonexistent botox bill in 20 years, I promise.

♡ For spf, I use this one when I’m not wearing makeup and this one to put over my makeup. It’s super convenient, a believable bronzer and easy to reapply. There’s also this clear version (with a higher spf) & one for oily skin.

Now to the fun stuff…

  1. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes. I used to meticulously wash off my makeup and wonder why my skin still sucked. Then a makeup artist taught me that washing my face wasn’t enough and that I had become a professional pore clogger. Now, I always wipe off all of my makeup with these first. You can buy a 36165 pack at Costco for like $12 and it will last you all year.
  2. Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder. Game changer. Softens, gently exfoliates, conditions, and just brings life back to the skin. Also – I love that Sephora offers the option to buy it in a smaller amount to cut cost/try it out.
  3. Lancer Skincare ‘The Method – Cleanse’ Blemish Control Cleanser. My go-to cleanser that fights hormonal breakouts like nothing else.
  4. NEEM and TURMERIC soap. These are my daily soaps that I switch out and hands down, the best soaps for your skin. You can read about the benefits of neem here and my favorite supplement, turmeric, here.
  5. Lancer Skincare Intensive Night Treatment. HOLY GRAIL and not just because he’s my dermatologist. This is my favorite out of all the products that I own (including makeup). Yes it’s expensive, but it’s the only moisturizer I use and it’s taken the complication/anxiety out of skin care regimens for me. This takes the place of a serum, toner and eye cream. It’s also a great primer for foundation (the foundation that I use has spf in it). My skin is super dry and this hydrates it like nothing else. And it’s not one of those deep moisturizers where it feels great when you put it on before bed and then you wake up to dry skin. The night treatment (I use it all times of the day), maintains and locks in that dewy moisture. This was listed as one of Oprah’s favorite things for a reason.
  6. Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask. A makeup artist used this on me before makeup application and I was really impressed. Again, Sephora nails it with the more cost effective option of selling them individually so you can try one out.
  7. Urban Decay ‘Good Karma’ Optical Blurring Brush. As I always say, “fake it till you make it.” This brush is fool-proof and makes even the most full coverage foundations look natural and seamless. This brush cockblocks that powdery, caked on look. I also love the beautyblender for under my eyes, around my nose and zits. This brush = flawless supermodel looking skin.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST – guys, get yourself an ice roller and use it every day. I use this one and can’t even begin to tell you what it’s done for me. OMG the difference.

I use the ice roller on my face, neck and chest every morning in 3 sets of 30 second intervals (plz read this about ice cube facials).

My face looks revitalized, healthy and alive. The ice also prevents wrinkle formation and lifts your face. If you’re hungover, depressed, tired, got redness, sensitivity, skin irritation, skin issues, whatever… this combats all that. It’s basically a therapist for your face.

The best part? It’s free of charge (& chemicals).

If you can’t afford the fancy ass creams (or the ice roller for that matter), go buy a bag of purified ice cubes for $2 and rub an ice cube all over your face in the morning.

When I have extra time or want to get all spa’d out, I prefer to dunk my face in a bowl of ice water (again, FREE), but the ice roller is super fast and convenient. I take mine everywhere.

What are your favorite skincare products/tips? Would love to know!

x Natasha


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Natasha please do more posts like this!! Loved this one. I just bought the ice roller and the mask. I can’t wait to get them 🙂


I love this post! I agree have more of this ones ???? I’ll have to try the ice thing, and the wipes I already used them I didn’t know they had them at Costco it’s cheaper than CVS, I’ll have to get them. ?


Thanks Paola 🙂 There’s way more posts like this to come. Yes! Go to Costco it’s much cheaper. XOXO


Cannot wait to try some of these products! I am ALWAYS on the look out for good skin stuff! xoxo


Thx u love u XX


I am also so excited to try everything! I’m obsessed with makeup but having a good canvas to work on is the most important thing and it’s something I’m striving to perfect. I also love ole henriksen products because the vitamin c makes my skin so bright. These are amazing tips and your skin is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your secrets! xoxo


I will have to try those out! Thanks Catherine 🙂 xx


Do you use the soaps on your face after removing your makeup?? And love this post BTW. I love all of your stuff you helped me get through a break up I had with a 2-year boyfriend who I thought was the best thing to happen in my life, but he really wasn’t and now I appreciate myself and love myself and I am so happy!! Love you girl ❤


Hi Beautiful! Yes, after I remove most of my makeup with the wipes, I use one of the soaps/cleansers to wash the rest off 🙂 Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to do more posts like this. I love mixing it up!

Alexia – I can’t tell you how happy that makes me to hear. Yay! You go girl. Love you too soul sister XOXO


Hi! Just wondering if you use a primer and if so, which one?


Hi Bella! I don’t use a primer 🙂 I just use the Lancer moisturizer (which for me works really well as a primer), and the foundation that I use has sunscreen in it xoxo

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