We all have emotional triggers. As my friend, David Kessler once told me, when it comes to emotional triggers…

“It’s not who and what pushes your buttons. It’s who and what programmed you.”

What is an emotional trigger?

When we feel like someone has taken something from us that we’re dependent on for an emotional identity and survival OR, if we feel like we are in any way at risk for that loss… our emotions get triggered.

Obviously, we want to get out of this activated state right away. It feels impossible to stay afloat, so we go into fight or flight mode and react because what other option do we have? We have to. We’re triggered.

Once we get triggered, fear and anger spread through every vein of our emotional bodies. And because we are so charged from this particular trigger being activated, we are able to rationalize our own reactivity.

If your emotions are triggered and your self-esteem is low, the only life raft you’ll ever be able to see at that moment is reactivity.

Feeling all different kinds of emotions is normal. I think it’s the most painfully beautiful, joyous, freeing, heartbreaking, evolutionary, and incredible privilege that we have. For years, I tried to control my emotions. I thought that if I could control my emotions, all of my emotional triggers would be deactivated. It was impossible. No matter what, I could never get control over my emotions – emotions that were completely normal to feel. Because of this, I sabotaged myself and became a sitting duck for my own emotional unavailability, as well as toxic relationships an friendships that ended up taking control of every emotion I had.

My life changed the moment I stopped trying to control the weather. I surrendered to the fact that the weather is always ebbing, flowing, and naturally occurring.

If I didn’t like the weather, I didn’t have to stay. I could change locations.

I realized that to “control” the weather in the way that I had always hoped for, I had to first take control over what I had total control of.

All I had complete control over was how I reacted to the weather. My perception SHAPED the weather.

I could either go outside and cry and scream and argue with the thunderstorm or I could get myself indoors and into a place of power to figure out my next move.

My emotions were the weather and my reactivity toward the emotional rainstorms, thunderclouds, and even the rainbows were my emotional triggers.

Emotional triggers can be anything. They can be a person, a place, a smell, a song, a gesture, a joke, a comment, a compliment or a criticism. 

For me personally – whether it was a lover, a friend, a family member or someone I barely knew… All it would take was someone making one passive-aggressive comment, a mean-spirited joke, or even complimenting me on something that I was so insecure about, I’d take it as a jab (even though it was a genuine compliment).

In relationships, if I didn’t hear back from whoever was unlucky enough to date me, I would immediately think he was either cheating on me or had died. So, I would text way too many times and react in other ways that were exclusively birthed from my emotional triggers.

And just like that, I went from the girl that got away to “I need to get away from her.

It was especially hard because whenever I would try and express my feelings to others, I was always told that I “couldn’t take a joke,” was “too sensitive,” and needed to “get a life.”

The truth is, I was just too triggered.

So, I’d react and like Neil Strauss says, “where there is reactivity, there is a wound,” I gave everyone a roadmap to my wounds, insecurities, and fears through the reactivity of my emotional triggers. Users knew exactly how to doormat me and those who genuinely cared for me got worn out.

So, why do we have emotional triggers?

What are emotional triggers in relationships?

Where do they come from and how can we destabilize them before they destabilize us?

We all have emotional triggers because we have all been children and have all experienced childhood. None of us are alone in this. Emotional triggers are NORMAL. What dictates our emotional health is how we not only choose to react to those triggers, but the extent to which we allow those triggers to absorb and paralyze us.

Growing up, we all experienced pain, shame, trauma, abuse, heartbreak, and feeling left out. These traumas were too much for us to process and let go of at the time because we were just kids and still developing.

Our only choice was to absorb, internalize, and create a story that still to this day, we choose to not only subscribe to but to end up subconsciously attracting relationships and experiences that validate and cater to this story.

This story is the foundation of what sets off our emotional triggers.

Triggers come from undealt with trauma, usually in our childhood. As a kid, my trigger was anyone’s disapproval or resent. I never felt like I could ever fully please anyone and was always paranoid that everyone hated me.

As an adult, whenever I was rejected or someone didn’t like me, I did anything I could to avoid the feelings of abandonment, loneliness, and heartbreak associated with their behavior. This required me getting off my white horse at the expense of my dignity, reputation, and destiny.

The only thing that helped was identifying my emotional triggers, feeling my way through them (instead of just feeling them in the moment), and being the adult I needed when I was younger and didn’t have.

I had to calm down that anxious, abandoned, emotionally orphaned, “scared-of-never-being-enough” little girl within me whose emotional development was arrested when she experienced pain that had never been properly digested and let go of.

No matter how old you are, if you have undealt-with childhood trauma and pain, you will always regress back to the emotional paralysis and helplessness of the age that trama took place when you are emotionally triggered.

Every one of these situations used to massively trigger me.

Identifying what specifically triggered me was the first step in unplugging my emotional triggers from their power source.

  • Being abandoned.
  • Being rejected.
  • Someone threatening to leave me.
  • Someone acting like they knew something about me that I didn’t yet know.
  • Being ignored.
  • Being cheated on.
  • Not being prioritized by people who I did nothing but prioritize.
  • Being gossiped about.
  • Someone lying to me and when I called them out on the lie, them making me feel like the crazy one.
  • Being criticized or judged.
  • Not being chosen over someone else.
  • Being made to feel dumb, ugly, and incompetent.

The list goes on but I’ll stop here. Once I identified my triggers, I was able to get to the root of them.

Through this, I realized that I was the only person on the planet who could disallow my emotional triggers from getting the best of me. No one else. I WAS the only person who knew all of my secrets and who had been with me through it all.

Contrary to what my insecurities tried to fear-monger me into believing, I was the only person who hadn’t yet let me down. I was still here. And even if it was just barely, I was still standing. I had survived.

Once I identified my specific emotional triggers, I was able to zero in on how I was reacting.

I would either…

  • Become a “please-validate-me-please-don’t-leave-me” doormat.
  • Put my own emotional needs in the hands of everyone else but my own.
  • Embarrass myself further by expressing my jealousy and resent.
  • Avoid, shut down, and withdraw.
  • React in an obnoxious and dramatic way as a means of attention/sympathy mongering.
  • Revert back to my reverse narcissistic addiction of feeling like everything was about me.
  • Be the victim.

The best way to deal with emotional triggers is to stop avoiding, start identifying and feel your way through it. Once you feel it, you can heal it because you’ll no longer be feeling it “for the first time,” every time you’re triggered.

Flush what you need to and understand that being an adult is not about carrying the unprocessed pain of the past and using toxic relationships to revisit the scene of the emotional crime.

Being an adult is about being who you needed when you were younger and didn’t have, committing to your emotionally orphaned younger self, and debunking the harmful beliefs you adopted as a child through concerted ACTION (as opposed to disordered reaction).

I never felt like I had control in my life up until a few years ago. Because of my disease to please growing up as a kid, I became an adult who was always either reacting to her parents or trying to please them.


Although it was rooted in my parental relationships, “Mom” and “Dad” from my childhood became friends and lovers.

Be very mindful of this pattern and very aware of what you were the most hungry for when it came to the relationship that you had/didn’t have with your parents as a child.

The most important ability is the ability to master not your emotions, but your emotional triggers. 

Once your emotional triggers are mastered, your emotions won’t be anything that ever needs to be tamed because you will be acting from a place of power instead of a place of dependency. An emotionally impulsive reaction birthed from being triggered is the single greatest hindrance to having the kind of power you’ve always wanted.

My reactions to my emotional triggers cost me. They cost me a lot more than the temporary satisfaction I gained from grabbing that life raft.

Choosing that life raft meant that I was choosing to ignore the fact that I knew how to swim all along.

You were born with the ability to swim. Let’s ditch the life raft today, choose to give our pain and purpose, and reclaim power NOW.

x Natasha

If you need further and more personalized help with your relationship, please look into working with me here.


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I needed this, at this exact moment . My trigger is seeing my ex with the girl he chose over me. My college graduation is this Saturday, and I really haven’t been looking forward to it , because I may see them. But this post has helped me sort of brace myself for Saturday. Thanks Natasha ❤️


Hi Dee!

I’m happy that the post helped. CONGRATS on graduation 🙂 I’ve been there and I know how hard it is. You are never, ever alone. XOX


I really needed this as well, thank you. Would you be able to expand on this post sometime, and give us some ways we can deal with and feel our way through things when the trigger happens? For example, when I perceive I am being abandoned, even if it is just in my mind, I also enter the withdraw, shut down, question my value mode. How can I, in that exact moment, get a good grip on my emotions? Is it more just about identifying whats happening and then taking deep breaths?
Thank you for all your help. It is because of you and your blog that I have seen so much growth in myself. I have learned how to say no, how to develop boundaries and work on my self worth. I am grateful for eveything you do!! xoxo


What a great idea! Thanks Ann 🙂

And likewise – Your love, support, and connection mean everything to me. I’m glad that this post helped and will expand on this soon 🙂 xo


When I think you have covered everything in my life and BOOM…!! Thank you for notnpersonally knowing me BUT knowing how I feel inside and helping me process and deal ?


YES :)! I’m so happy that the post helped.

Thanks Amber – That’s the best compliment/gift you could ever give me. It’s what I live for.

Love you soul sister. xoxo


Hello Natasha,
I don’t know how you do it but you always end up writing stuff when I need you to. Well except that maybe this time this came a little late 😀
I was triggered two days ago based probably on the same triggers you have of abandonment when a guy I was dating ditched on me for the third time, maybe with a good excuse but I was triggered. I exploded and said everything. He ended up telling my friend he now thinks I am crazy and as you said I got from having the opportunity to be the one that got away (cause anyway he was behaving like shit) to be the “i have to get away from her”. I lost my power and I felt it.
But still this is the only way I know. You say we have to acknowledge our triggers but then what? The best thing I can do is get silent avoid the person that triggered me and continue with my life. I wouldn’t be able to be indifferent to it to the point where when he eventually speaks to me again I can just forget my trigger and how I felt resulting me to be way too honest way too soon.


So. ok. Breathe. Time is your friend on this one, I’ve been here. We all have. Vow from tonight on to never again let him see you like this. I know you feel awful right now, but if you keep to yourself, do not reply to anything he does, sends, or says to you or your friends, in a few days time you will feel your power coming back. In 2 weeks time this “she’s crazy ” description will be hard for him to believe since you are no longer acting crazy. Honestly, this one episode is not the only thing he defines you by. And btw, he seems like a jerk. You can do this. Start now. ZERO contact. Zero reaction. Head up!


Thank you very much Christine! 🙂
I just hope I will manage to control my emotions next time!


YES YES YES YES YESSS! 🙂 Thank you so much Christine. I could not agree more and LOVE seeing this kind of love and support! Endlessly grateful for you. XOXO


Hi Elena!

Thank you for sharing. I will elaborate on this soon 🙂 xoxo


Spot on yet again! Resonates in leaps and bounds and currently what I am working through. Lots of thanks from Australia x


I am so happy it helped! Thanks Heidi 🙂

Sending you love and gratitude from Los Angeles xo


Oh triggers. What’s the saying? If I had a nickel for all the triggers that rise up in my day-to-day well….let’s just say I would have A LOT of nickels.

Natasha, I’m so glad you have posted this. It gives great insight into the nucleus of how emotional triggers are built and activated throughout one’s adult life. Just yesterday I was so so deeply triggered and went through my day in a haze of fury, resentment and deep-seated anger at….well….everything!

But, and large credit goes to PMS, over the past year I’ve undergone a self exploratory journey to really start to understand not only what my triggers are but why they are in place. It all contributes to the story that has set the foundation of how I chose (read that again, CHOSE) to perceive myself in the context of everyone around me. For most of my adult life I chose to view myself as this overwhelmed, insecure, frightened little child that struggled to stand on his own two feet and waiting for the day when someone would swoop in and rescue him. This idea bled into all the relationships I had around me and I would get so resentful when the people around me did not play this role in my life.

Breakups can be a great way to hold a mirror up to yourself and start the journey of re-claiming the person that you truly are. After I went through my breakup last year and all the heartbreak associated with it, I never felt more isolated, abandoned and overwhelmed in all of my adult life. As a way to cope I reacted towards self medicating with alcohol which only further contributed to my downward spiral and the story of me being overwhelmed, scared and not-enough for myself and those around me.

But at some point last year, I made the decision that enough was enough. I made a conscious choice to observe my triggers, acknowledge them and start to understand them. In a weird way (and I know this sounds weird) I started to make friends with my triggers and accept that they were there, maybe they always will be and to be ok with it. Just by acknowledging this it went a long way towards de-activating and unplugging them from gaining power over me. Since then, I’ve maintained a continuous attitude of observing my triggers internally and just letting them be and most of the time (not ALL the time, but most of the time) it passes. It paved the way for me to start re-connecting with myself in a way that I haven’t been able to do in well over a decade.

Nowadays, I still get triggered. In fact yesterday was a trigger-heavy day for me. But rather than giving in, I went straight to my newfound power source, otherwise known as my yoga mat and was able to ride it out and carry on with my evening with a sense of peace.

Another great post Natasha, thanks so much for all the insights you share . My own personal journey would not have been possible without you, this community and this site.


Wow! THANK YOU so much for sharing. This has inspired me to keep expanding on this topic becase like you, I did and struggles with the same. I am so happy and honored to have played a part in your healing and realizatons but this was and is ALL you my friend. SO PROUD of you and happy for the peace and awareness you now have that NO ONE can take away.

Thank you for being YOU. xoxo


Natasha ~ O.M.G. ALL of your posts are amazing and life-changing, and usually soooo describe me and my situations/thoughts/problems, etc. But THIS ONE….. wow. THIS ONE was like I was reading about myself. Honestly, you could be my twin. If all that you described in this article is true about you, then we are two of a kind. It gives me SO MUCH HOPE to know I am NOT the only one with these thoughts/issues/feelings. So much of the time, especially lately, I blame myself because I feel that it really IS “all me”, that I am “crazy”, etc. When you feel alone with these thoughts, you start to believe it. Really believe it. And then it becomes a downward spiral that is extremely hard to get out of. Just reading your articles is THE BEST counseling sessions I have ever had!!! No exaggeration. You are so brave to make yourself so vulnerable by sharing your personal stories with the world like this! But it is soooo worth it because in return you are helping soooo many others out there struggling just as you have!!! God bless you, Natasha. Keep doing what you are doing. You make a difference in the world. XOXO


This made me tear up. Thanks from the bottom of my heart Karen. All of it is true – Everything that I write.

Thank you for affirming that I am not/was never alone. My obsession in life is getting people out of pain and suffering that I know all too well and in that process, extinguishing that “is it just me?” feeling. It’s the worst.

Thank you for being a part of this tribe, thank you for being a soul sister, and THANK YOU for your love. connection, and suport. It means everyting to me. XOXO


Natasha, this quote below:

“Once your emotional triggers are mastered, your emotions won’t be anything that ever needs to be tamed because you will be acting from a place of power instead of a place of “please-validate-me” weakness. An emotionally impulsive reaction birthed from being triggered is the single greatest hindrance to having the kind of power you’ve always wanted.”

LOVE these words!

This is such an empowering and beautifully written post. I’m highly emotional, but I’m not afraid of it anymore. It means I have a big heart and I can show love and empathy to others. Connecting to painful emotion is hard because it does trigger us, as you have said. But it’s teaches us too, about who we are, and what we need to focus on. I use my weaknesses and pain like a tool, to alert me as to where I need to go next.

Our inner child is real. When we acknowledge that innocence in us, we acknowledge our pain and fear. I think it’s all part of real, deep self love. Triggers have the power to hold us back or move us forward. Recognise them and use them to grow. That’s the message I got out of this! Thank you! ?

Love this and love you, Natasha. ?


I love you too sister 🙂 And I’ll spend the rest of my life showing you just how appreciative and grateful I am for you and all that you are.

Yes- I could not agree more. So glad that you liked the post. XOXO


I’m so happy to be reading your words and wisdom again. I cannot believe I am still struggling a year later. But I’m trying my best to figure out me, my triggers, and why I remain stuck on a man who is getting married in a month. A man who moved on a year ago and has not once looked back. It goes beyond him. I would pay every dime I had to just feel ok again.
This blog is akin to coming home sometimes. I hope you are well and I look forward to the next chapter in your life and what your work brings.
God bless!
xox Christine


Hi Christine. I am in the same boat as you are except I have no idea what my ex is doing. The triggers come for me everyday so I just try to live with it for now. I do not think I am over the breakup truly because it was so harsh. I cannot get over the fact that he never came back for me to even talk or anything. Next week will make one full year of this stuff. I’m sure he is fine. I’m sorry that you have to witness the actions of your ex but I believe there will s power in what Natasha says about people like him who marry. Anyone can buy a ring and go through the motions but they are most likely the same person. Who knows what the future holds for them. Not wishing anything bad but you have to wonder how he switches roles so quickly. He is the same guy and she is marrying that. Scary. You have grown and evolved I’m sure. You are now too strong for him. You keep doubt no what you do and stay n your horse. My heart goes out to you but believe me you are not alone. Be well. ????


Thank you for these words and your support Linda. I am doing better. I know it is a year for you in a few days. I think at some point we have to say
“enough”. You mourned for a whole year, like me. It is hard to get past the “why? Didn’t I mean anything?!” Maybe that is why we are stuck.
But, God, what a waste of our mental energy this has been wondering! And I agree, anyone who can switch roles and “feelings” so easily is not really anyone we should feel safe around !
I think of you and hope the year mark maybe closes a chapter. In time he will phase out more, and you will replace memories and questions about him with other people and experiences.
Keep in touch. Stay strong. I am rooting for you 🙂


<3 <3 <3


I absolutely LOVE this love and support 🙂 Thanks Linda! xo


Hi Christine!

Do not feel bad at all. I have been there and struggled as I saw (stalked lol) an ex get married and have kids (YEARS later). I’m thankful for it though. It got me to a point where I was more scared of the consequences of staying in the state I was in, than I was of making moves. I then started to become more protective of my progress than I was of catering to my triggers. You got this. You’re here and you are never alone. Love you xo


Dear Natasha,

I love the word “trigger” to describe this concept, because historically when people have squeezed my triggers I’ve gone “BANG” just like a gun. Ready, fire, aim…with predictably less-than-desirable results.

What this post made me realize is that by reflexively reacting to my triggers I was attempting to control what other people were saying and doing (i.e., trying to control the weather). And in doing so, I actually ceded control of the only thing over which I had any power: my response to the “weather.” This realization would be sad were it not so deeply ironic.

When you said “when we feel like someone has taken something from us that we’re dependent on for an emotional identity…our emotions get triggered” it really struck a chord with me. It brought into sharp focus how silly it is to be controlled by our triggers. We all have inherent worth, and so we don’t need to construct an emotional identity to empower ourselves. Particularly because this (false) identity is a shield with holes…it fools us into thinking we’re protected when it actually introduces vulnerabilities we can’t see. Thank you for helping me recognize this today, and for all you do for us. I’m so grateful!


Hi Brandon,

Loved your response, and the words you wrote – ‘a shield with holes’ ….. what a clever way of describing it!
Very insightful!

Yep, a very awesome post from our Natasha ?


Thank you Lorelle!


🙂 Love you Lorelle.


YES! YES! YES! Same here Brandon. Thank you so much for sharing and likewise – I am endlessly grateful for you, your conenction, and love. This is a topic that I will be expanding so much more on 🙂


Thank you so much for this post. It feels like it was written for me. I have grown so much since finding your blog last March and starting coaching in May. Thanks for everything you do ?
Jessica xoxo



Thank YOU 🙂

I’m so happy that the post helped – our conversations and connection inspired so much of it. I love you sister. xo


Hi Natasha,
This statement:
“Once you feel it, you can heal it because you’ll no longer be feeling it “for the first time,” every time you’re triggered.”
is COOL cuz we as a women stereotyped gender can be seen as ACTING like omg, how could you say that to me?! Throwing a fit, or just that unprocessed reactionary shit that makes us look dumb. But hey I had a friend tell me once, ‘i don’t cry anymore, it doesn’t solve anything.’ Well my thinking is taking a shit doesn’t solve anything either but your body has to do it. Your essay form is so great (say essay because your writing is worthy). I can process why some of us look stronger and capable. We can be hurt but turn into our own hero by recognizing what is current. ??? Woke one!


Hahaha!!! Frida – I just love your comments! You always make me smile. And I totally agree with what you said… “We can be hurt but turn into our own hero by recognizing what is current”. Truth.

Be well my dear.




LOL Frida thank you so much for this! AGREED 🙂 All my love to you sister. xo


I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have made a complete ass out of myself by reacting to my emotional triggers! I basically let anyone and everyone know how they can get to me at any given time. As you have said many times, “roadmap to emotional wounds”. Only until recently have I truly been able to be more aware of what these triggers are and how to respond differently to them instead of letting my fear or anger get the best of me. Not an easy thing to do when I have been programmed my entire life to react from these emotional landmines.

As always, your words are inspired my dear Natasha. I am forever grateful for your words of wisdom and unwavering love and support for all of us who come here looking for hope and understanding. I love and respect you too pieces my dear friend.

Glad you are back on the blog… and can’t wait to see the new site you are working on!! You look so cute in this pic and San Fran is one of my favorite cities. 🙂 Good memories there.

Love to you and all in this tribe. 🙂


Hi Beautiful!

You and me both haha. I am so happy to help and always here for you 🙂

Glad that the post was helpful and you know that the feeling is mutual – SO MUCH love, respect, and gratitude for you my friend (I mean… you also came up with #whitehorsewarriors!).

Happy that you like the new site 🙂 San Fran was incredible. I cannot wait to go back and ALSO, cannot wait to give you that big hug in person one day and have a 7 hour lunch/dinner with you and Lorelle.

Love you sister xx


Wow, it’s been awhile since I have re-visited the site and that is actually a credit to you, Natasha and PMS, since it helped me grow so much and become so much kinder to myself that I felt I hadn’t needed it. This in turn helped me weather a lot more in the past few months than I expected to deal with. But recently I found myself in another embarrassing situation over a guy who was completely not worth it and I did something that created my own humiliation and now most definitely has me labelled as “psycho” in his eyes and those of his friends/roommates.

I didn’t understand why the relapse? It’s been over a year since I’ve behaved in such a manner and I had been making such better choices since last October. And this post really hit home. He did something so disrespectful and unkind and humiliating that I got triggered. And in the past when that happened about a year ago, I dug in my heels and refused to budge until I got a sincere apology and the more stubborn he became, the more stubborn I became. I had a similar situation like that happen more recently, but I was able to gracefully exit it. But this time, I think with all the other stressors in my life, instead of being able to repeat my graceful performance of last time, I went back to reacting according to my most base instincts. And what was the point? I should have retreated into the warmth of my home and instead, like you said, in the most perfect analogy, I railed against the storm outside and ended up wet and cold and sick from my own actions. The storm won’t change. My emotions, my reactions, their actions. So yelling and screaming for some kindness and decency was pointless. Instead, gathering my pain and walking away into safety with my dignity intact would have been the ultimate victory.

That’s why, it is important I now realize, to come back to the blog regularly–not just when things are hard but when things are good too because we need the guidance repeated over and over again to reinforce them. I still feel the sting of what I did and what they did and flinch. Friends have shown support and kindness and explained that what these guys did was also wrong but even they can’t deny that I acted in a crazy manner and I am more overwhelmingly ashamed and angry at myself than at them. I don’t know how to forgive myself but this post has gone a long way in helping me begin the process of healing. It wasn’t me, it wasn’t even necessarily him–it was certain of his actions and words that triggered those deepest insecurities and fears and made me stubbornly refuse to walk away until he acknowledged his behavior and sincerely apologize.

I know you’ve already written about both being called AND acting like a “psycho” and forgiving ourselves and I am currently in the process of going over those old posts again. But could you give us a refresher post? How to deal with our own guilt and shame RIGHT AFTER we really do lose our cool and behave shamelessly. I can, with time, forgive and move forward. But it’s been 2 days and right now I can’t even concentrate on work and studying because flashbacks from two nights ago keep flashing across my mind. At night when I close my eyes, I cringe. So much improvement and growth….and all it took was when jerk with a cruel streak to take me all the way back. Can we ever become immune?


Hi Zara,

Sorry you’re going through that right now. Natasha wrote a post (https://postmalesyndrome.com/what-to-do-when-you-fall-off-the-white-horse/) that might address some of the issues you mentioned in your comment. I know you’re going through her past posts, so I apologize if you’ve already seen that one. Good luck and be nice to yourself.


Thanks Brandon! 🙂



Thank you so much for sharing <3 I am so happy to have helped/help in any way. I've been there.

Yes! Thank you for the recommendation – I love that. Will try to write about it soon 🙂

All my love to you sister. XOXO


Hi Natasha. Thank you for this. I feel triggered everyday. It’s something I live with but I keep a lot inside because I d not happy no it would be understood and I would be labeled as crazy. It’s a tough thing. Thank you for writing this at an emotional time for me. You help me a lot. I share your wisdom with my friends and advise to stay on the white horse. They are getting it finally. I love you and I cannot wait to see all that you are creating. Thanks again. Miss you.????


I love you too Linda. Of course, It’s my pleasure 🙂 Can’t wait to talk soon. So happy that the post helped. xoxo


Thank you so much. And I am exactly the same with giving people a roadmap to my emotional triggers. I didnt even know it was a really bad idea to react. Maybe i did but no one I respected gave me a good reason not to keep things under my own umbrella. I appreciate your comments and sharing.


This definitely relates to what I will talk to you about soon. This is amazing I needed to read this thanks Natasha ♥️


So happy it helped 🙂 Thanks sister. I LOVE YOU. xo


You words are helping me heal my own heart. SO thankful. ??❤️? A great teacher shows you the way. Xx


Thank you 🙂 It is my absolute honor and pleasure – It’s what I live for.

The greatest teacher you will ever meet is the one who allows you to recognize and ressurect the MASTER and teacher within. It’s been there all along.

All my love to you. Thank you for being a part of this tribe. xx


I came across this quote the other day and it really hit home for me on how I have been feeling lately and I just wanted to share it with the tribe here. I hope that is okay Natasha. Actually this quote reminded me of something you could have probably written yourself. It’s something that I think each if not most of us wants to feel when we reach that place of indifference. Anyhow, here is the quote….

“One morning she woke up different. Done with trying to figure out who was with her, against her, or walking down the middle because they didn’t have the guts to pick a side. She was done with anything that didn’t bring her peace. She realized that opinions were a dime a dozen, validation was for parking, and loyalty wasn’t a word but a lifestyle. It was this day that her life changed. And not because of a man or a job, but because she realized that life is way too short to leave the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket. ”

Love and respect to all here in this tribe.
<3 <3 <3


No kidding – I saw this quote on Instagram this morning and was so bummed out because I lost it. LOVE IT! Thank you so much Vicki!



Loved this post. We are so proud of you Natasha. You deserve every success. I have followed you from the start and my heart could burst hearing how well you have done with PMS. You have helped so many people, myself included. I wasn’t in a great place and because of you I turned it around. I apply your advice without even thinking now and approaching my 30th I feel the best I have ever done. Because of you. Saying thank you will never seem like enough. You are my inspiration you beautiful, classy lady. We love you millions Natasha ?


Tears Skevoulla! Tears running down my face as I type this. I know you’ve been with me from the start and I’ll never, ever forget it. I really hope that I can give you a big hug in person one day soon. My Mom sends her love to you and remembers your comment on her guest post.

Love you x infinity soul sister. xxx


Happy Thanksgiving!
Lately I was struggling with heart break and depression.
Had me in a rather careless state of mind.
I was stuck in all the emotional triggers you spoke about .
I must say thank you and God Blessed you 🙂
A big burden has been lifted off my heart and shoulder’s.
I feel a sense of “Aha” and can breath again.
So thank you for my sanity
Most important the love for myself.
Sincerely, Chelsie C


Hi Chelsie,

Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for your connection, love, support, and for being a part of this tribe 🙂 I am so happy and honored to help.

You are believed in, supported, understood, and never, ever alone.

All my love to you soul sis. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Love you xx


Hi Nat, 🙂

I think its unnecessary to say how good and helpful the post is!

I would like to ask you if of course you have the time….can you please explain what you mean by ”feeling my way through them instead of just feeling them in the moment” ( about the triggers )
I am asking you cause i’m not native english speaker and i really would like to understand what is said cause i believe its important.

Thank you in Advance!

Kind Regards,


Hi Sandy!

I’m so glad!

I meant not just feeling the feelings in the moment when they are at their heightened and most impulsive. Taking the time to feel them fully as they change and evolve. It’s about going through the whole process. Wish I had the time to write more – Thank you for your kindness and understanding! 🙂 xoxo


Thank you , Nat !


🙂 xoxo


This makes me cry tears of relief and gratitude. You are an old kind soul no doubt about it.


So glad that it served you. xoxo

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