Emotional Vampires: How To Replenish Your Emotional Blood Natasha AdamoNatasha Adamo is a writer, keynote speaker, influencer, transformation coach and creator of the Post Male Syndrome.

Although the blog appears to be geared toward millennial women, the subjectmatter that Natasha writes and speaks about does not discriminate against age, gender, orientation, socioeconomic status or wisdom.

Her following is a reflection of the common denominator that we all share as humans: feeling as though we are alone in our heartbreak, fears, grief, perceived limitations, insecurities, experiences and emotions…

Feeling as though we are not enough.

8 months after launching PMS in 2015, Natasha was contacted by a celebrity who inquired about hiring her. At the time, Natasha had not even considered coaching as a possibility. She continues to work with this client, who was a major catalyst in Natasha making the decision to offer her coaching services, write a book and continue to expand her brand.

Natasha currently coaches readers in 24 different countries via telephone, as well as in-person coaching with celebrity clients, politicians, public figures, professional athletes and entrepreneurs.

She is currently writing a book and expanding her personal brand to video, online courses, seminars, workshops and more.

“Post Male Syndrome represents a tribe of hunger – the hunger to heal and the hunger to be the most unapologetically confident, bounced-back, healthy, happy & badass version of yourself possible.”

Natasha lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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