Natasha Adamo Writer of Post Male SyndromeNatasha Adamo is a writer, speaker and the creator of Post Male Syndrome.

Since launching Post Male Syndrome in 2015, the one-of-a-kind relationship, self help & lifestyle blog/brand has reached global recognition, attracting the attention of celebrities, businesses, publications and women all over the world.

Through the blog and her coaching services, Natasha has had the pleasure of connecting and working with readers in 19 countries and counting.

“Post Male Syndrome represents a tribe of hunger – the hunger to heal and the hunger to be the most unapologetically confident, bounced-back, healthy, happy & badass version of yourself possible.”

PMS is currently in the process of evolving into a book, podcast, videos, seminars & more.

Natasha lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Follow Natasha on Instagram & Snapchat for BTS. Username: natashaadamo.