How To Be Happy Again After Being Cheated On

Natasha Adamo is a writer, keynote speaker, influencer, entrepreneur, transformation coach, and the creator of Post Male Syndrome.

In just over 4 years, Post Male Syndrome (PMS) has managed to carve out a unique space, with fresh takes on the common denominators that we all share: heartbreak, relationships, and self-doubt.

PMS is like a west coast Carrie Bradshaw meets Les Brown – guiding men and women through the inevitable ups and downs of modern dating and modern life in general.

Post Male Syndrome has been featured in Forbes and InStyle.

Some of Natasha’s partnerships include collaborations with Dr. Jason Diamond, Dr. Harold Lancer, the nonprofit organization Dress For Success, and brands such as Alo Yoga, Annmarie Skincare, The DryBar, and The Browgal.

Natasha currently coaches clients in 19 countries around the world via telephone, as well as in-person coaching with celebrity clients, politicians, public figures, professional athletes, CEOs, and entrepreneurs.

“Like most people, I’ve experienced my share of heartbreak, abandonment, low self-esteem and insecurity,” says Natasha. “I wondered what I was doing wrong and why everything that was taking so much humiliating effort on my part seemed to come so effortlessly to others. The self-sabotage did nothing but give me a license to remain in a state of fear-based paralysis. This provided a valid excuse for not taking any action in my life. I finally reached a point where I was more fearful of remaining in the known hell of my own inaction than banking on the unknown heaven of getting off of my emotional ass.”

“I created PMS as a place that aimed to answer every question I ever asked Google when I was at my lowest.”

Although the nucleus of PMS is relationship and self-help advice, fashion, beauty, and wellness are incorporated into the mix as well.

“Post Male Syndrome represents a tribe of hunger – the hunger to heal and the hunger to be the most unapologetically confident, bounced-back, healthy, happy, and unf*ckwithable person possible.”

Natasha is currently writing a book and expanding her brand to video, online courses, seminars, workshops and more. For more info, visit her personal site here.

Natasha lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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