Oh hey ladies! Guess what time it is?

Holiday Giveaway Time!

Yes, this one is major.

It’s time for number 2 of 3 holiday giveaways that I’m doing as a big thanks to YOU. PMS would not be what it is without each and every one of you and I can’t put into words how much I truly appreciate the love and support of this tribe, all over the world.

You guys loved my Instagram beauty giveaway, so of course I had to team up with my soul sisters, amazing friends & colleagues to give you the best holiday giveaway EVER.

I wanted this holiday giveaway to be perfect for you guys – a culmination of my favorite products that I use and have written about this year.

So, my friends and I teamed up to give you the best of the best with all the holiday feels.

A few highlights?

  • Some of my all time favorite, life changing books – signed & addressed to you by the author.
  • A $700 collagen mask skincare system (that will be delivered to you on ice !! because it needs to be refrigerated), from the office of my dear friend – the best of the best, Dr. Diamond
  • A box of Natural Calm travel packets – so you can have a zero f*cks, booze-free marg whenever you want when you’re on the go (I love it hot too).
  • The ENTIRE BrowGal product line, Bijouterie jewels & the best ingredients out there, good for your skin products from January Labs.

+ SO much more in this holiday giveaway!

& the best part? 

You don’t have to sell your soul or sanity on social media to enter.

Entering is super discreet, easy and takes a minute to qualify.

Here’s what you’ll win…

+ you can get all the info you need about these products from the links below:

January Labs Complete Skin Essentials Kit

January Labs Advanced Eye Technology

The ENTIRE Browgal product line

Purigenex Collegen Skincare System (worth $700), that’s sold exclusively at Dr. Diamond’s office.

My number favorite nail polish of all time (color: cream puff)

A box of Natural Calm travel packets

Bijouterie Tear Drop Necklace

Bijouterie Hamsa Bracelet

Bijouterie Pyrite Bracelet

The Go-Giver (signed by: Bob Burg)

The Truth (signed by: Neil Strauss)

You Can Heal Your Heart (signed by David Kessler)

A signed copy of my friend and yoga teacher, Paul Denniston’s Grief Yoga dvd

A one hour coaching call with me

To win – simply:

♡ FOLLOW me on Instagram

♡ COMMENT on my latest Instagram post why you want to win (whatever post is the most recent, comment on that one. I’ll be taking note of all comments every day until the deadline).


– comment below and tell me what topics/subjects you’d like to see me write more about.

This holiday giveaway is so good, I wish I could enter.

Deadline for entry is midnight PST 12/24/16

The winner will be chosen & announced 12/25/16 here on the blog 

Anyone, anywhere in the world can enter.

My next giveaway (!!) will be right before the New Year.

Look out for all new posts this weekend & best of luck! – thanks for being YOU 🙂

Natasha, x

IG accounts of my amazing friends & colleagues… the holiday giveaway participants! (check them out!):

The BrowGal


January Labs

Dr. Jason Diamond

Neil Strauss

David Kessler

Paul Deniston

Natural Calm

Bob Burg (Twitter)


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I would love to see more fashion, makeup and lifestyle posts. Keep up the great work in 2017. Thank you <3


Id love to see more beauty, nutrition, and fashion posts. Love your blog?


This give away is tooo good!!! I’d love to see more skin care reviews and natural make-up tutorials for being on the go.


Unfortunately I don’t have an Instagram anymore. BUT!! I’m literally going to make one just so I can enter this giveaway LOL. I am cray cray for the PMS! I would love for you to write more about your beauty, nutrition, and fitness routines!! (:


I would love to see more self-esteem building posts like methods and practices for building blocks to a sturdy self esteem. Building your self-image so that you don’t compare yourself to others etc. SELF LOVE.


Tbh I’d be interested in reading an article about jealousy or judgement towards other girls/people, if you had it, what you think is the core of this problem and how you overcame it, and how to stay away from that kind of thinking.
Or depression and how it affects relationships with the self and others.


I really enjoy reading everything, keep up the great work 🙂 I just wanted to tell you how much you helped me and I appreciate you 🙂


I would like to see more of beauty and lifestyle posts.
All of your posts/topics are great but more of those
would be even better ?


I would love to see more on building self esteem. ❤️ And what do if you have a setback or get into your old patterns.


SELF IMPROVEMENT: how to deal with anger, jealousy

HEALTH: fitness tips, health myths/truths

CONFIDENCE: how to be more confident in yourself and be proactive in gaining confidence, how to act confidence even if you arent


I would love to read about knowing when and how to move on especially with children are involved and also how long is too long to wait for a commitment.


firat off, it’s so generous of you to be doing this for everyone 🙂 so thank you in advance! Secondly, I miss you and I will talk to you soon! Lastly, an article or two about boundaries and how not to continue to be bullied whether in work, school, home (by family members-especially with holidays here). I don’t have Instagram but I would love those books so I guess imma gonna have to suck it up lol! Miss you sis! Love, Diane Vee


Haha I meant first off-thanks auto correct!


I’ve been in an on and off relationsh*t with a f*ckboy for the last 2+ years, so all of your breakup/dating posts really hit home. (Seriously, I’ve scrolled through the archives and feel like every one is written directly to me, and I love it.) Every new post gives me new perspective and motivation, so I always look forward to ones focused on not believing the mind f*ckery, staying strong, seeing the bigger picture, etc. Basically, just keep writing what you write, because I love every post. 🙂


Hello Natasha, I love all your posts about relationships.

I would love to see you write about why you decided to major in English/Journalism. How you got out of college and got down to LA? How you motivated yourself despite the bad things that happened to you. More of your story? 🙂


Hi Natasha
Thanks to your posts I have finally realised that I couldn’t change anyone, make them better ad believe that they are a different person although I saw like 20 red flags hitting my face from the start. I stopped making excuses and just cut off completely guys that were a waste of time. I found this blog in March and it literally changed my life. It also helped my best friend who is a classic example of a people pleaser – she had issues with her husband’s family , always feeling like she was not good enough. We were reading one post after another… So I would love to see you writing articles about relationships with men , friends and family. It is just something that most of us can relate to no matter where we live. I live in the uk, in London and your blog – from the other side of the world has literally done something within weeks that I never achieved during last 30 years of my life. So I keep coming back every week to check what’s new as it treat thus blog like a friend that always has a good advice 🙂 thank You ! You are the best 🙂


Maybe a post about some not so overwhelming steps to take to make a major change like moving to a new city or a career change after a breakup/life event.


Hi Natasha! I’ve been reading your blog with much interest the last 6 months, I have a few suggestions for future posts:
1. How do you deal when a long term guy friend suddenly wants to takes with you to the next level? How do you know that what you feel for them is more than friendship, or is it just familiarity you like in this person? What happens when lines between friends and lovers are blurred and you don’t know how to proceed?
2. If you have been single for a while after a break up, how do you know when you are ready to put yourself out there again?
3. Why travelling after a bad break up as a single girl or with your girl friends is a good idea.


I would love to hear even more about recovering from heartbreak and involvement with emotionally unavailable men. Like when you KNOW logically that it’s not working, that you deserve better, and you cut contact… But a year later and you’re still grieving, still suffering, and having trouble letting go emotionally. Feeling rejection, abandonment, and regret, even when it wasn’t working and you were the one to leave in the first place. But felt “forced” into leaving. Seeing the emotionally unavailable guy that wouldn’t give you a relationship, go on to give the next girl a relationship. Dealing with anger, jealousy, WTF confusion, and how to not give a fuck. I know you’ve written a lot on this already, but more is always welcome!


Beauty/Fashion, Getting through Grief


Why do psychopaths follow you after a break up?


Best Giveaway EVER! Can’t wait to enter and hope to win!! Wish I could Entwr 1083739393 times!


Oh Natasha, you are such a star!! I hope you realise how much you have touched our hearts. We are a tribe and you’ve been so inspirational to all of us. I’ve grown a lot by readying your posts, thank you!!!

P.s could you write about your ex moving on with a new girl and you being single/ not being able to find someone when you have moved on. It always feels like the boy is able to find a new relationship first haha.



Well,this giveaway looks exciting! And I would like you to write about how important it is for everyone to keep up their confidence as in today’s times everyone is suffering or fighting hard to make cut but thanks to the bullies we often fall short of confidence so please right about it.


I love all of your posts. They are the things we all think that we believe but we need to hear. We are all fighting our own battles and you unite us with the common goal…. to truly believe we are worth it. I try to stay on my white botse everyday. Keep it up, you know exactly what we need awesome lady.


I love all of your posts. They are the things we all think that we believe but we need to hear. We are all fighting our own battles and you unite us with the common goal…. to truly believe we are worth it. I try to stay on my white horse everyday. Keep it up, you know exactly what we need awesome lady.


I would love to see more posts about being the best version of yourself. I know you have many posts like that, but I feel like the list of ways to better yourself never ends. I love lifestyle and health posts as well. I always reread your blog when I’m PMSing (coincidence?) because your posts always make me feel like I want to get my life together lol! And lets be honest, does anyone feel like they have themselves together when they are on their period… hehe!


I would love to see more articles on self-esteem and how to love yourself. ?


Hi Natasha, I have to say that I absolutely love your writing. I Especially love the stuff about getting over exes and emotional unavailability. So insightful. I’ve always wanted to send you a long mail for advice coz I feel like you get relationships on a whole other level. I already love everything you write about. It’s detailed and so well thought out and my go to when I want to decipher anything. Thanks for doing what you do 🙂


I would love to read more reviews on beauty products and self esteem for all ages.


Hi Natasha! Posted on your Instagram and following up through here. I would love to read more posts about delicious, healthy treats you eat, including the non-alcoholic alcohol recipes you’ve started to post recently…when you crave a margarita or mojito or other cocktail but rather pass on the (not very healthy) alcohol lol. Other posts I’d love to see are about getting closure and accepting the past for what it is — and not wondering if you’ll ever hear from your ex again or if your family member will ever apologize for his/her past actions. Sometimes memories of the past are more haunting than what actually happened and I would love to stop rehashing these memories and put them to rest once and for all. Thank you and happy holidays! Really hoping to win this one 🙂


First of all I want to start that this blog changed my life. I discoverd this blog after a bad breakup and I googled: “how to get back to your ex boyfriend”
and after I discoverd this blog I couldnt stop reading all the posts. I even print them and did “A lilttle PMS book” with all of the posts in this blog.
I defntley can say that this blog changed my life! Every move that i do, every new guy that i met i thinkimg about every word that you wrote Natsha.
your blog change my mind and how I act in my life now. my self esteem, my cofndeint is changed too. i start to believe in myself nore and be on the white horse 😉
The blog is perfect like it is! but I LOVE the posts about beauty, i try few things that you recoomned and i never disappointed so i would like that you do more posts abot it.
I would like to see more posts about health and how to relax anixety attacks (beacuse of you i did the most tasty green smoothie and order the Natural Calm).
I Love the posts about the exes cause i realized so many things that is not my fault that we broke up.
I would like to see more posts about how to recover from a breakup/ someone that you lost.
Natsha thank you for being you! and thank you for this blessing blog.
Cant wait for your book I know its going to be number 1 seller!


I just came across your articles yesterday….perfect timing. They have helped me immensely. You literally kept me from texting the ex. I would like to see more articles on love addiction. I’m addicted to my ex like a crack addict… Thank you for all you do Natasha.. <3


I’ve just discovered you at the EXACT right time (LOA in action 😉 ) I’d love to see more posts about pushing past fear or preconceived notions of what you can or can’t do, or what you’re ‘naturally’ good at, and being brave enough to go for new ventures. Also, posts on how to approach social media when you know you’re of the people pleasing/validation seeking variety would be an interesting read.



Hi Natasha, I just made a comment on your IG. I had a lot to say, and your blog has helped me in so many ways. Everything you write sounds even more perfect than what my mind thinks. I think its great how many girls you’ve helped; I’ve even shared your blog with others. I very well know I may not win the contest, but you’ve given me the confidence to at least attempt! And I’m happy for whomever you pick.

In any case, blog posts I’d like to see are how to keep a Long Distance Relationship and when to call it quits, Dealing with Jealousy with friends or other girls, Fitness Tips, and I know theres blog posts on if a guy broke up with you or if the guy was a douche bag, but I’d like to see more blog posts on how to move on/break up with a guy that is actually an extremely good guy but the sparks not there anymore (or you need to “figure yourself out”) – and how to know its the right decision


Hi Natasha,

I really enjoy your written posts and your Instagram feed. I find your posts uplifting, practical, loving and giving…THANK YOU! I’d like to continue reading more about being one’s own heroine (and getting on that white horse) in addition to any work/writing on health (mainly around weight and body image) as well as manifesting change. Relationship advice is always welcomed and timeless as well. In sum, keep doing what you’re doing! Merry Christmas and all the best for 2017! xx


I’m always checking your blog weekly for my dose of badassery! I would like to see more posts on finding happiness within yourself, moving on in a healthy way, and really accepting who you are.


Hi Natasha!

I posted on your IG as well! I’m always looking for tips on continuing to build confidence, especially as an extremely shy person. I struggle with paralyzingly awkwardness and never know how to keep conversations with guys going! Ahh! All tips are welcomed! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!


All these ideas are definitely things I’d love to see more of! My biggest area of concern is how to create that “jena se qua” around men-the right type of men. It’s that something that certain women have that you can’t explain but men are drawn to them, and it’s not based on looking perfect.

I’d also love to see if you have any recipies or like a list of your go to foods, or even a list of major “no no foods” or ingredients!

Love you so much and your blog!! xoxo


Love all your posts! Would like to see more nutrition, self-esteem and grief. Thanks for all you do!


I would love to see you write about your own personal experience with figuring out what your goals and aspirations are in your life, work, relationships..etc mostly how you knew that this is what you wanted to do and how you went about it. 8 love everything you write about ❤️❤️❤️

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